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MasterChef: Legends is close to crowning a winner, and fans are keeping a keen eye on their favorites. That’s why they noticed something concerning about one of the popular Top 4 cooks. Autumn Moretti has had viewers’ attention for her personality and her dishes. But in the latest episode, fans saw Autumn’s leg in a cast. They obviously have a lot of questions about what happened to Autumn’s leg. The show didn’t give much in the way of an explanation, and from the looks of it, we don’t have to worry about Autumn dropping out of the competition. Thanks to her family, we do have some answers about Autumn Moretti’s injury.

Autumn Moretti’s Leg Injury

As MasterChef fans would be aware, the show had filmed half of season 11 before taking a long hiatus during the pandemic. Filming resumed in October 2020. Most contestants returned, barring Mary Jayne Buckingham due to health reasons.

Autumn Moretti, the 27-year-old bartender from Boston, also returned when filming resumed. And now she’s made it to the Top 4.

However, before she came back to the show, Autumn had an accident. Her mother, Kim Varney Moretti, revealed details about Autumn’s injury that occurred in September 2020 on her social media.

Kim said that Autumn broke her leg while trying to piggyback her three little sisters at the same time in early September. Autumn’s Instagram stories back then revealed she and her sisters were trying to recreate a childhood photo.

A nurse by profession, Kim explained that Autumn suffered a Lisfranc injury, torn tendons and ligaments in her foot and ankle, a fractured heel, and a fractured ankle.

Autumn underwent surgery that her mother described as a “long procedure.” There are a handful of pictures on the amateur cook’s Instagram where she is sporting her cast and relying on a scooter for a while. As we can see on MasterChef this week, she is not reliant on the scooter at the moment.


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Autumn remains unstoppable on MasterChef: Legends. Despite the many hitches the Red Team faced, Autumn captained them to victory. She also got through the next challenge to become a Top 4 semifinalist.

Keep an eye out for how far Autumn makes it on MasterChef: Legends, Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. EST on Fox.