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Minnesota Vikings football quarterback, Theodore “Teddy” Edmond Bridgewater II, suffered a brutal knee injury that caused a serious setback for his team. Many are searching for the Teddy Bridgewater injury video, but you won’t find it online. Most of the content about Teddy Bridgewater’s knee injury video are news reports, explaining the situation and his diagnosis.

A Misfortunate Diagnosis

ESPN posted a Teddy Bridgewater video and Adam Schefter reported on the injury. After Bridgewater was taken off by ambulance, the Vikings decided to cancel their practice with 25 minutes remaining – something that is extremely rare in football. Bridgewater was diagnosed with a torn ACL and other structural damage. Thankfully, there was no nerve or arterial damage. He will undergo surgery in the next few days – let’s hope for a speedy recovery!

The downside to this is the Vikings will lose a serious asset for the season. There aren’t many options available who can live up to Bridgewater’s skills, so we can imagine the Vikings are extremely disappointed.

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How Did It Happen?

After dropping back to pass during a drill, Bridgewater planted his foot and immediately dropped. Trainers hurried to him, inflating an air cast and the quarterback could be seen cradling his left leg. The distraught Vikings threw their helmets, shouted expletives and stormed out of the practice in shock. Some players dropped to one knee to say a prayer. Just imagine the disappointment and distress they must have felt to lose their star QB! Within moments, an ambulance pulled into the Winter Park headquarters with sirens blaring, remained for 10 minutes and then left the scene with Bridgewater.

Mike Zimmer, coach of the Vikings, spoke briefly with Bridgewater after the injury and offered the 23-year-old some encouragement, “Hang in there. We’re with him. Hope for the best.” Zimmer told reporters at the scene, “We’re gonna grieve today and be upset about it. It’s more about our feelings for Teddy and for him as a person and getting better than it is about anything else. Teddy’s a great kid, and he’ll be back as soon as he possibly can, if it is real bad. But we’re going to keep fighting.”

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Who Will Stand in His Place?

At this time, it’s too soon to say who would be a reliable QB in place of Bridgewater. Without knowing the offense, it would be hard for any QB to learn the strategy and get up to speed. Let’s hope this isn’t a total loss for the Vikings!