BBC One's Miniseries, A Very English Scandal (Photo: Facebook/BBCOne)

Hugh Grant stars in the new BBC miniseries, A Very English Scandal as the former British politician, Jeremy Thorpe. Based on the infamous Thorpe Affair, which ended Thorpe’s career, the miniseries has garnered critical acclaim in the U.K. It’s a masterpiece that needs to be seen to be believed, and it’s coming to America! We’ve got the deets on how to watch A Very English Scandal in the U.S. 

Will A Very English Scandal Air on TVs in the U.S.?

A Very English Scandal is one of the most intriguing and sublime miniseries this 2018, starring newlywed Hugh Grant and Ben Whishaw, the actor who lent his voice in Paddington Bear. The series premiered on BBC One in the UK on May 20, 2018.

TV viewers on this side of the pond have been waiting for A Very English Scandal to release in the U.S. after all the rave reviews the show and actors have been getting. However, no TV network in the U.S. has picked up the distribution rights for the show.

That’s not to say that viewers in America won’t get to watch A Very English Scandal.

Where to Watch A Very English Scandal

Before you board a flight to the U.K. to watch the 2018 retelling of the Thorpe Affair, you’re in luck! The three-episode series will be available in America to anyone with an Amazon Prime membership.

You can stream A Very English Scandal on Amazon Prime as of June 29 onwards. Prime members know the drill.

Those who don’t have a membership can sign up for a free 30-day trial just in time for A Very English Scandal’s release date.

Will A Very English Scandal Premiere on BBC America?

At the moment, BBC America’s schedule doesn’t mention A Very English Scandal. Although BBC’s sister network in America promotes the series and debuted the first official trailer before the U.K. premiere, it appears that the drama will stream only on Amazon Prime for now.

What Is Very English Scandal About?

Hugh Grant and Ben Whishaw portray the two figures central to the biggest British tabloid story of the ‘70s in three hour-long episodes. It was a real-life sex scandal that could rival Francis Underwood burying his past in House of Cards.

Grant plays former MP Jeremy Thorpe, the most prolific leader of Britain’s Liberal Party. But his rising career came to a screeching halt when Norman Scott, played by Whishaw, came forward with allegations that he had a same-sex relationship with the politician.

Thorpe allegedly used his connections to hide the relationship for a decade. There were even attempts to buy Scott’s silence to no avail until he narrowly escaped an attempt on his life. Thorpe was later accused of attempted murder on Scott.

Thorpe denied the relationship and plotted his murder all the way to his death in 2014. But his political career was permanently damaged by what came to be known as the Thorpe Affair.

John Preston detailed the Thorpe Affair in his 2016 book, A Very English Scandal, which was made into a mini-series of the same name.

Don’t miss A Very English Scandal when it premieres on Amazon Prime on Friday.

You can watch A Very English Scandal‘s trailer by clicking on the link below: