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Andrea Bocelli, the biggest-selling classical solo artist, will not perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony. There are rumors about why he will not make an appearance, leading to questions about Bocelli’s health.

Classical operatic singer, Andrea Bocelli is famous for his music as well as his friends like the Pope and Donald Trump. So, when news broke out that the singer is participating in Trump’s presidential inauguration ceremony, Bocelli’s fans were disappointed. They appealed to the singer to reconsider and even threatened to boycott his performances. Now, reports have said that Bocelli isn’t performing at Trump’s inauguration at all. The reason behind this depends on who you ask. Some claim that Bocelli offered to perform, and Trump respectfully declined. Others claim that Bocelli pulled out of the inauguration ceremony after receiving online harassment.

Since seeing him in the news, some are wondering if Bocelli’s health is an issue. Did Bocelli lose weight, or is he sick? Here’s the update on Andrea Bocelli’s health.

Was Andrea Bocelli Born Blind?

Andrea Bocelli was not born blind. However, he did have vision problems since birth. While pregnant with Bocelli, his parents were advised by doctors to abort their child as their studies predicted the baby would be born with a disability. Andrea Bocelli stated that his mother’s decision to give birth to him was the inspiration that made him a pro-life advocate.


As predicted, Bocelli had numerous problems with his sight. After several visits to different doctors, Bocelli was diagnosed with congenital glaucoma, which left him partially blind. Bocelli learned the piano, flute, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, guitar, and drums. Through his nanny, he was introduced to the music of Frank Corelli, and from then on, Bocelli wanted to pursue a career as a tenor.

In 1970, when Bocelli was 12 years old, an accident caused him to lose his vision completely. Bocelli was the goalkeeper in a soccer game when he was hit in the eye, resulting in a brain hemorrhage. Doctors tried their best to save Bocelli’s sight, and even attempted to use leeches, but were unsuccessful. Visual impairment did nothing to stop Bocelli from living life on his terms. After finishing law school and becoming a court appointed lawyer, Bocelli went on to study music.

Why is Andrea Bocelli Not Performing at Trump’s Inauguration?

Health issues are not the reason Bocelli isn’t performing at his good friend Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony. Bocelli, who is perfectly healthy, wasn’t scheduled to perform at the event at all.

Many artists, including Elton John, have refused to perform at the President-Elect’s inauguration, leaving Trump’s transition team scrambling to attract A-list performers. So far, America’s Got Talent runner-up, 16-year-old Jackie Evancho, is the only singer signed on to perform. Because of this, it has been said that Trump’s friend, Andrea Bocelli offered to sing during the inauguration.

News broke about the tenor performing at Trump’s inauguration, and caused an uproar. Although Bocelli did not comment, his fans lashed out at the singer on social media, begging him to reconsider, and also threatening to boycott his future performances. The hashtag #boycottbocelli began trending on social media.


A source close to the tenor claimed that the backlash from fans caused him to back out of the performance. However, Trump’s inaugural committee chairman, Tom Barrack, said that it was Trump who declined the offer.


Barrack said that Bocelli and his wife had been friends with Trump for years, but, “Donald said, ‘You don’t need to [perform]. We’re not in that kind of a framework. Thanks very much for the offer. You’re my friend. You are always welcome at the White House.'” Barrack also said the media twisted the situation for its own gain.

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