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With all the news surrounding the Euro games today, it can be hard to keep track of them all, which can make it difficult to remember when the best teams are playing against each other. Who will win Italy vs. Sweden? Well, fans won’t know for sure until this Friday (June 17), but everyone has their own Euro 2016 predictions and the Italy vs. Sweden predictions will be sure circulate in the news as the day gets closer, leading up to more Group E predictions. So, who will win be the champion on Friday’s game?

Group E of UEFA Euro 2016 contains Italy, Sweden, Belgium, and Republic of Ireland. Italy is also the only former European champion in this group and previously won in 1968. Matches will last from June 13 to 22. The winner of Group E will play the runner up of Group D.

Who Will Win Italy vs. Sweden?

Since team Italy is a former champion of the UEFA Euro games and history supports the fact that they are the better team, chances are Italy will defeat Sweden on this Friday’s (June 17) game at 9:00 a.m. EST at the Stadium Municipal in Toulouse. With players like Gianluigi Buffon (captain), Leonardo Bonucci, Graziano Pelle, and Giorgio Chiellini and a star player like Buffon, who plays both goalie and team captain, there’s a high chance that Italy will be the champion of Friday’s game against Sweden.

The goalie is arguably the most important position in football (soccer) and is the last line of defense for the team in case the rest of the squad fails to secure the ball and score. No doubt that Italy’s manager, Antonio Conte, wants to maintain his team’s reputation as one of the best teams in the league. If there are any bets on this game, then they will most likely be on Italy.

Sweden may have made it this far. but that may all come to a screeching halt as they gear up to face Italy later this week. The team consists of players such as Zlatan Ibrahimović (captain), Andreas Isaksson, Martin Olsson, and Marc Berg. The team’s chances look bleak compared to their rivals, mainly because the team is being carried by its most notable star player and captain, Ibrahimović. There could also be more pressure on Ibrahimović since he is also the goalie, which sports fans know can be a crucial job.

A goalie can make or break a game and a tie is always better than a total loss, giving the team a chance to continue in ranks as opposed to being eliminated altogether. The added pressure of defeating a world-renowned team like Italy can also be an added burden, and Sweden will need to do better than their best if they want to win or even tie with Italy. The team manager, Erik Hamren, has hopefully been giving his team some kind of edge over their rivals or else they kiss goodbye any chance of moving up the chart.

Football is the kind of sport in which it is extremely hard to score on the opposing team. The games are 90 minutes long, but often enough referees will make the conscious decision to add on extra time, whether for injury or any other reason deemed necessary. A couple minutes can be the difference between victory and failure. Games like Euro 2016 inspire pride for participating countries, as does any other sport. But as for who will win Friday’s game? Everyone may predict Italy but we will just have to wait and see. Now that you know ours, give us your Euro predictions in the comments below!