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Is Ty Dolla Sign collaborating with Skrillex and Austin Mahone? It certainly seems that way, judging by the rapper’s recent vague Instagram message and photo!

Ty Dolla Sign’s Instagram

It seems the “Sucker for Pain” singer might be teasing fans with the idea of expanding his horizons and collaborating with some new individuals. He posted a picture of himself with DJ Skrillex and Austin Mahone, with the vague caption, “Wait on it.” Could this be the collaboration fans have been waiting for? What could be better than a Ty Dolla Sign and Skrillex mix or a Ty Dolla Sign and Austin Mahone mix? Either one sounds great, even all three together sounds great to us! Again, Ty Dollar Sign is very vague, so at this point all we can do is hope!

Ty Dolla Sign, Skrillex, Austin Mahone

Instagram / Ty Dolla Sign

The Big Picture

Since Ty Dolla Sign captioned the photo, “Wait on it” fans have gone into a frenzy hoping for some kind of upcoming collaboration between the three. The appeal could also be the dynamic between the trio. They are each such different artists in their own right, that it’s very possible that these three could potentially drop one of the greatest hits! A blend of rap, EDM and soul already has fans salivating at the idea! Could this really be happening? While some fans are skeptical, others are hopeful and can’t wait to see what these three drum up in the studio! This is definitely the Year of Music and everyone seems to be going the extra mile to make their mark in 2017. Rumor or not, we want this collaboration to happen!