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The release of Nicki Minaj’s upcoming album, Queen is dependent on singer and songwriter, Tracy Chapman. Minaj took to Twitter and explained that her album has a track that contains an uncleared sample of one of Chapman’s songs. But with today’s youth, many don’t know who Tracy Chapman is, which resulted in a plethora of memes and reactions on Twitter.

Fans are anxiously waiting for Nicki Minaj to release her studio album, Queen. However, it looks like she is facing a real problem with it.

Nicki Minaj and Tracy Chapman are currently the talk of the town, and they are highly trending on Twitter right now. Minaj recently took to Twitter and revealed to her fans that Queen has a song that contains a sample one of Tracy Chapman’s songs, that Nicki was not cleared to use. The funny thing is, Tracy Chapman is nowhere to be found and Nicki is in a tizzy trying to contact her regarding this whole mess!

The rapper asked her fans if she should stick to the release date and lose the record, or keep the record and push the release date back a week later.

Nicki Minaj has now reached out to Chapman directly to help her solve the dilemma. Furthermore, she even asked her fans to vote on Twitter regarding its release.

Tracy Chapman’s record label is Elektra. But it was Atlantic Records who released her eighth studio album, Our Bright Future.

In 2015, Chapman released her Greatest Hits album.

But nobody knows which song of Chapman’s is used. According to reports, Nicki Minaj originally announced a June 15th release date for Queen, but it was pushed back to August 10. Now, there is talk of releasing it on August 17 in order to keep the Chapman-sampled track, but no one knows what to do due to these unforeseen circumstances. Whether Minaj releases the album on August 10 or a week later, we need to wait to find out.

It looks like Tracy Chapman is living life away from the limelight and many youngsters today don’t even know who she is. It also doesn’t help that she’s completely MIA! And now, many reactions and memes regarding the whole debacle are circulating on the Internet.

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