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We have some extremely funny and hilarious Thanksgiving memes that turkeys could relate to —if only they could read!

A new meme is seemingly made every day. Be it from a TV series, presidential election, or random pictures online, you name it and there will probably be a meme of it!

So, how can we not make funny Thanksgiving memes in 2016 and miss out on the chance of making other people laugh? After all, Thanksgiving is all about spreading, love, happiness and joy among your family and friends. Take a look at these hilarious Thanksgiving memes, which are guaranteed to crack you up.

Thanksgiving is the time to celebrate a bountiful harvest by cooking a delicious meal with your loved ones. Make this day a fun one with some laughter at the dinner table and share these hilarious Thanksgiving memes!


#1. Downgraded Status

thanksgiving memes 2016

#2. Phrasing is Important

best thanksgiving memes 2016

#3. Turkey Netflix and Chill

funny thanksgiving memes 2016

#4. Any Thanksgiving Volunteers?

thanksgiving memes

#5. When in Doubt, Channel Miley Cyrus

best thanksgiving memes


#6. Thinking of Veganism?

funny thanksgiving memes


#7. Remember: Your Turkey Deserves Thanks Too!

funniest thanksgiving memes

#8. Facebook Knows What’s Up

funniest thanksgiving memes 2016

#9. Masters of Disguise 



#10. Turkeys Giving Thankshilarious thanksgiving memes

#11. Turkey’s Don’t Lie

hilarious thanksgiving memes 2016

#12. But at the End of the Day…


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