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Thanksgiving means delicious food and a great time with the family. And there’s also the memes! The Internet’s treasure trove of humor is the best part of the holidays and we live for it. We scoured the cyberspace for the most creative of jokes on everything that makes up Thanksgiving – the holiday weight, annoying curiosity into your personal life, the influx of turkey feasts on our social media feeds and the official start of Christmas carols – to kick off the holiday season.

#1 Thanksgiving on fleek

#2 You know that interrogation’s coming.

#3 Not the day to go rogue.

#4 Our Thanksgiving cooking jam.

#5 When you have to be tech support for the turkey.

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Know anyone like this?? 😂😂

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#6 The dark side of Disney.

#7 Coz all the turkeys look the same.

#8 First day of holiday weight.

#9 Someone’s got to do ‘em.

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Happy Thanksgiving pilgrims 🤪

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#10 What turkeys are thankful for

#11 The day after Thanksgiving be like

#12 To tide you over till Christmas