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Want to see the latest of Todd Barry on Netflix? Barry’s comedy special called Spicy Honey is due to premiere on Netflix on December 26, 2017. Keep reading to know more about the stand-up comedian and his show in Todd Barry’s wiki.

If there was ever a comedian who is bang-on in terms of his expression and timing, then it has to be none other than Todd Barry. Yes, the same man who has been the life of so many hilarious movies and podcasts still manages to regale us with his “deadpan” style of comedy.

My new @netflix special "Spicy Honey" premieres December 26th. Check out this short film I made to promote it.

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Very recently, Todd Barry was seen in action, along with Bob Odenkirk (who plays attorney Saul Goodman in Netflix’s Better Call Saul), in Yo La Tengo’s Hanukkah run at Bowery Ballroom.

Todd Barry’s Early Life

Born on March 26, 1964, Todd Barry’s age is 56. Barry started his comedy career back in the 1990s. He often does many comedy tours to different parts of the country to entertain audiences with his comedy.

Due to his comedy stints and work as a voice-over artist, Todd Barry’s net worth is estimated at around $1.5 million, according to sources.

Todd Barry’s Relationships

If you’ve been searching for information about Todd Barry’s wife or girlfriend, then you obviously didn’t find anything. Barry is neither married or has a significant other. And many of his friends and people in the industry feel that he doesn’t get along with females because of his style of comedy.

Fellow comedian Brendon Walsh once remarked, “You don’t have a girlfriend because you’re unlikable and you’re comedy stinks!”

Todd Barry’s Stand-Up Comedy Career

Todd Barry’s comedy tours take him to many places across the United States. But, he soon got bored of repeating his acts, so Barry started doing impromptu comedy shows, according to the comedian.

Barry would simply walk on to the stage and start talking about whatever came to his mind or was going on around him. Doing this showed everyone his true talent as a comedian, as Barry was required to think quickly and hilariously, too.

Groovy posters I'll be selling/signing on upcoming tour! Probably selling book, too. Bring shitloads of extra money to shows. Designed by @kiiarens.

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Recently, Barry performed with Yo La Tengo on drums at Bowery Ballroom.

Barry posted on Instagram, “Played drums with @therealylt Jeff Tweedy @spencertweedy last night. They all said I was like, the best drummer. Perfect timing. Really *in the pocket*. Better than @jonwurster.”

If you are an ardent fan and follower of Todd Barry’s, then you might probably know that he has had a history with drums. Barry started his entertainment career with an Indie band known as The Chant. He was a drummer with them for about a year in 1984.

Barry is a stand-up comedian who is known not only for his “deadpan” comedy but also for giving dating tips and advice like a pro, even though his relationship history is unknown. He is also known for his acting roles in Road Trip (2000), Wrestler (2008), and Wunderlust (2012).

Todd Barry’s brand of comedy never is over-the-top or considered crass. Subtle, understated, and not-in-your-face is what the comedian does best.