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In case you’re wondering where you have heard of DJ Snake, the artist has brought you tunes like “The Middle,” “Lean On,” and who can forget the famous club-banger, “Turn Down for What?!” Now, he’s released a hot new track that has fans searching for “The Half” by DJ Snake online. DJ Snake teamed up with Young Thug, Swizz Beats, and Jeremih for this new track and it’s already a welcome addition to DJ Snake’s Encore album. If you are as excited as we are for the new song, then you’re probably dying to know some of “The Half” lyrics, as well as where to find “The Half”. If you’re interested in hearing “The Half,” listen online “The Half” MP3 asap!

“The Half” appears on DJ Snake’s album Encore which was released today. Other big-named artists on the album include Skrillex, Travis Scott, Migos, and Justin Bieber. For those who are already addicted to “The Half,” Young Thug also joins forces with this team of talented artists to create (what is sure to be) one of this summer’s hottest tracks!

If you’re looking for “The Half” mp3 and want to give it a listen look no further as we have you hooked up with it right here!

In the song, the rappers explain that listeners don’t even know “The Half” of what to expect from DJ Snake’s Encore album. And if this song is any indication of what the entire new album is like, we are definitely excited to hear more! Here are some snippets from “The Half” lyrics.

[Intro: Swizz Beatz]
It’s a Friday, I’m ’bout to go off
Got my chains on and I’m ’bout to show off
DJ Snake up in here about to go off
Now go off, now go off

[Pre-Hook: Jeremih + Swizz Beatz]
Smoke stress to get rid of all the stress
On the run, nigga, goin’ for the checks
These niggas don’t know the half (show time!)
These niggas don’t know the half (show time!)
See the hoes, see the clothes, see the cash (goddamn!)
Gettin’ high for the low, shit was bad
These niggas don’t know the half (say what?)
These niggas don’t know the half (talk to ’em)
Swear to God, these niggas don’t know the half
(Rewind now!)

Up until now, every track that DJ Snake has released has made it to the top 10 on Billboard so we’re sure that his latest track will do the same. With the release of his album Encore we expect to be hearing a lot more of DJ Snake in the coming months!