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She is every teenager’s fantasy, and anyone who saw her in the Transformer movies can certainly attest to that. To be honest, calling Megan Fox hot or calling Megan Fox sexy is definitely an understatement. The girl could be sexy in a snowsuit! And there’s no doubt her being typecast as the ‘perfect body’ has affected her career. But that isn’t always necessarily a good thing; Hollywood is so obsessed with portraying her as a male fantasy that it does not give her roles that showcase the depth of her acting skills. Still, the Internet is flush with Megan Fox hot pics, so we’re going to provide you with Megan Fox’s hottest pics. You might want to take a cold shower first.

Rebel Since Childhood

Fox was born in Tennessee to English parents, though she also has some European ancestry in her, as well. Fox says that she had a very strict upbringing and was not allowed to have boyfriends. She stayed with her mother initially and then moved out to live on her own when she was financially independent. Fox started modeling at an young age and after saving enough money, she moved to Los Angeles, California. Contrary to her image today, Fox was very unpopular at school. She claims she was constantly bullied for being different. She preferred the company of boys and people hated her for this reason. She did not believe in formal education and quit school the first opportunity she got. If only those bullies could see her now!

Shaking Up Hollywood

Initially, Fox did some work in TV but soon Hollywood came looking for her for bigger roles. She made her debut in, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and grabbed the attention of many producers. But it was the movie Transformers that put her on every teenager’s wall, as the movie blasted it’s way to the box office. She reprised her role later in it’s sequel. Fox tried to break away from her sex symbol image by doing some small offbeat films that would put her acting skills to the test. She played the lead in Jennifer’s Body and acted in films like Jonah Hex and Passion Play. The move didn’t work and Fox went back to playing the sexpot in the reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

This is where she has got stuck, not that anyone’s complaining. She has been called the first sex symbol of the 21st century and she is at the top of everybody’s hottest females list. Check her out for yourself, as we bring you 10 of the hottest Megan Fox pics of all time!

1] Sexy in Pink in a brand new pink bikini in Hawaii

Megan Fox Sexy in Pink

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2] One with Nature – Living it up in Hawaii

Hottest Megan Fox

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3] The Teaser – Doing an ad for Emporio Armani Underwear

Hottest Megan Fox Pics

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4] The Body Beautiful – Showing off her body in the full length Emporio Armani Underwear ad

Megan Fox Pics

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5] The Lady in Red – Arriving at her film’s premiere while fans go wild

Hot Megan Fox Pics

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6] The Nude Angel – Playing a sideshow attraction in the movie, Passion Play

Best Megan Fox Pics

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7] Bathing Beauty – In the tub for a new ad

Megan Fox Bathing Pics

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8] Even Normal is Exciting – Filming for the David Letterman Show

Megan Fox Best Hot Pics

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9] She’s Got The Look -at the MAXIM Annual Hot 100 Party

Megan fox Backless with Tattoo

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10] The Seductress – Playing with a hotel room attendant in an ad for Armani Jeans

Megan Fox Hot Cleavage

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