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Here’s a series of the hottest Nicki Minaj pics ever released, flaunting the bold cleavage and curvy body that has made her one of the most desirable women in music today. Undoubtedly one of the best female rap artists to hit the music industry in recent times, Nicki Minaj is way more than a rapper. Fortunately for fans, Minaj never hesitates to show off her enviably sexy body.

Its not always that Nicki Minaj shares snaps of herself undressed; the rap queen often puts on some of the most elegant designer outfits, from covered-up dresses to barely-there lingerie. And to keep her body perfectly desirable to pull off any attire, Minaj works out, too. Her Instagram posts have even seen her ex-boyfriend Meek Mill trying to keep a straight face, while Minaj is showing off her assets.

Nicki Minaj

While some fans love her for coming up with such forthright and racy rap lyrics, others understandably love Nicki Minaj for the way she looks. Here are 15 pictures that show why.

Nothing to Hide

nicki minaj hot showing butt

Not Sure Where to Look?

nicki minaj hot cleavage

The Hot Fairy Princess

nicki minaj hot fairy dress

The Showstopper. Always. 

nicki minaj hot near naked

Getting Low in High-Heel Boots and Sparkles

nicki minaj hot high heels almost nude

Rawwr! Check Out Nicki Minaj’s Wild Side

nicki minaj near naked

Even Her Selfies Are Hot!

nicki minaj boobs

Gold and Glamorous 

nicki minaj hot transperent dress

Nicki Might Just Be Too Hot to Handle! 

hot nicki minaj with kid

That Figure Though…

nicki minaj hot cleavage and butt

You Wish It Was Your Hand on Nicki’s Shoulder, Don’t Lie. 

nicki minaj exposes

She Always Knows How to Put on a Good Show!

nicki minaj big butt transparent dress

She Definitely Knows How to Grab Your Attention!

nicki minaj twerking

Sorry Meek, But Nicki Looks Like She’s Doing Just Fine! 

nicki minaj and meek mill

God Bless America!

Nicki Minaj America Flag Butt Expose

Photos: Instagram/nickiminaj

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