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Tekashi69 has washed his hands of a few women he’s allegedly been with by saying that these relationships were just “one-day” flings for him. He said that he did not belong to anyone and these seemingly hurt women should have more self-respect. Keep reading to learn more of what Tekashi69 had to say in his PSA!

Controversy seems to be rapper Tekashi69’s middle name. If his Instagram feud with boxer Adrien Broner wasn’t enough, now Tekashi69 has a few women who are very angry at him for allegedly breaking their hearts. They have been saying some unpleasant things about him, leaving Tekashi69 exposed to the world.

After hearing these women making trouble for him, people are curious about the latest Tekashi69 news. But what does the colorful-haired rapper have to say in his defense?

Keep reading to find out!

Tekashi69 Makes a PSA

The rapper has replied to these women through what he calls a public service announcement (PSA) on Instagram.

Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Instagram post shows him sitting with a cute little dog in his arms and wearing his multi-colored grills, talking to the camera.

Just Another One-Day Love Affair

Being Tekashi69, he started off by showing off his grills and then launched into his main message. He said that over the last few days, a couple of women were claiming that he belongs to them as he had brief relationships with them.

Tekashi69 claimed that they were just “one-day” affairs and these women should not fight over him in a such a possessive manner.

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The rapper said that there were many women out there who wanted him to commit to them, but he wouldn’t because he “does not belong to anyone.”

In the video, Tekashi69 tells them that they need to have respect for themselves and not say that he belongs to them, because he doesn’t.

Self-Respect Is Important

Tekashi69 also says that he has a lot of respect for females and that it’s not right for these few women to claim that he belongs to them. And although he did not name anyone in particular, he made it clear that these relationships did not mean much to him. He didn’t want to hurt anybody but wanted to make his position clear.

So, this new drama has once again put the spotlight on the rapper, who has quickly become popular among fans with his songs and new mixtape, Day69. It sure looks like people can’t get enough of Tekashi69 these days! He’s blowing up!

To watch Tekashi69’s PSA, just click below:

PSA: Hard on thots ????❤️?

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