Sophie Brussaux's baby's father is Drake (Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

About Sophie Brussaux
Known AsRosee Divine
AGE28 Years

Update: Drake has confirmed through his new track “Emotionless” that he indeed fathered a child with Rosee Divine aka Sophie Brussaux. In the song, he raps, “I wasn’t hidin’ my kid from the world/I was hidin’ the world from my kid.”

The lyrics to the song, “Scorpion,” also unveil secrets from the relationship he had with Brussaux when he says, “I had to come to terms with the fact that it’s not a maybe/That shit is in stone, sealed and signed/She’s not my lover like Billie Jean, but the kid is mine/Shit, we only met two times.”

Learn more about the French artist and why her name is splashed all over headlines lately with details from Sophie Brussaux wiki!

Pusha-T seems to have pushed the limit with Drake with his latest track, “The Story of Adidon.” Sophie Brussaux, better known as porn star Rosee Divine, is mentioned loud and clear in the track, adding in allegations that Drake fathered a secret child with her!

Now, fans want to know who Drake’s alleged baby mama is!

The porn star-turned-painter is under scrutiny because rumors are surfacing that she got pregnant by Drake and birthed a baby boy she named Adonis.

And now, Pusha-T is all over the Canadian rapper about it, calling him to stand up and be a man for his son. But is this all a rumor? Is Sophie Brussaux’s baby Drake’s son?

Check out the lyrics to Pusha-T’s Drake diss track and see how the rapper feels about the sitch.

Is Sophie Brussaux Drake’s Baby Mama?

Sophie Brussaux is a 28-year-old retired porn star, who claims that her son, Adonis (who was born in October 2017), was fathered by Drake. The rapper has denied the claim but now has a beef with Pusha-T, who has alleged that Sophie Brussaux’s son, Adonis, is, in fact, Drake’s kid.

Drake comes from a mixed-race background. His mother, Sandi Graham, is Jewish Canadian, and his father, Dennis Graham, is from Memphis, Tennessee.

Before the Drake Drama

Sophie Brussaux is now a painter and a talented artist. Her work, has reportedly been exhibited for some major art shows in places like New York City.

She was born and raised in France, and according to her website’s bio, was a traveler in her younger days. Her site showcases some of her pieces, which embody her surrealism and pop art-inspired style.

This talented woman uses both acrylic and oil paints, as well as pastels to bring her artistic visions to life.

People who are taking sides in the drama are focusing on Brussaux’s porn career, even though she left it behind. Those who support Drake are highlighting the fact that Brussaux had multiple partners at the time who could have fathered her child.

Allegedly Having Drake’s Baby

Brussaux and Grammy Award-winning rapper Drake were initially rumored to have been seeing each other in early 2017. The couple was spotted hanging out a few times before it was reported that things turned serious.

While many fans of Drake believe that the baby isn’t his, some sources say that Brussaux might actually be telling the truth about Adonis’ father being Drake. Brussaux’s pregnancy and her son’s birth fit the timeline of her rumored relationship with Drake.

Although there is no confirmation as to who Adonis’ father is, Brussaux and Pusha-T are convinced that Drake’s the father—and they are not alone!

Sophie Brussaux even shared what looks a conversation between her and Drake with TMZ, where it appears she told him about the child.

Drake: I want you to have an abortion.

Brussaux: I can’t kill my baby simply to indulge you sorry.

Drake: Indulge me? F*** you.

Brussaux: What?

Drake: You do know what you’re doing you think you’re going to get money.

Although Brussaux thought the baby was a girl, she gave birth to a baby boy in October 2017.

At the time, Drake’s reps mentioned that Brussaux was a “questionable” woman who was finding “getting into the United States” difficult. They also added that if the baby turns out to be Drake’s, he will “do the right thing by the child.”

With the help of her lawyer, Raoul Felder, Brussaux reportedly filed for a paternity lawsuit last year. One report claims that Drake not only went through with the test but also mended things with his former flame after it was presumably confirmed that Adonis was his. However, these claims have not been confirmed, and Drake has not yet spoken out about the paternity test.

Meanwhile, an Instagram account claiming to belong to Sophie Brussaux posted pictures of her pregnant belly and pregnancy progress, along with proud moments of becoming a mother. The account posted a photo of Brussaux holding her baby, though he was covered, and it sent fans into a frenzy.

However, many believe this is a fake account as photos are only shared sporadically, possibly stolen or leaked from her official account, which is private. The verdict is still out on whether that baby is even Drake’s.

Pusha-T’s Punch-Worthy Lyrics

Pusha-T released the diss track, “The Story of Adidon,” following his beef with Drake. The former not only took shots at the Canadian rapper in the past, but now he’s added fuel to the drama of Drake fathering a child with Sophie Brussaux, a former porn star who went by the name, “Rosee Divine.”

Check out the lyrics to “The Story of Adidon,” where T even takes a shot at Drake’s parents, calling out the problems in their marriage:

Confused, always thought you weren’t black enough

Afraid to grow it ‘cause your ‘fro wouldn’t nap enough

Since you name-dropped my fiancée

Let ‘em know who you chose as your Beyoncé

Sophie knows better, ask your baby mother

Cleaned her up for IG, but the stench is on her

A baby’s involved, it’s deeper than rap

We talkin’ character, let me keep with the facts

You are hiding a child, let that boy come home

Deadbeat mothaf***a playin’ border patrol, ooh

Adonis is your son

And he deserves more than an Adidas press run, that’s real

Love that baby, respect that girl

Forget she’s a porn star, let her be your world, yuugh!