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Sloane Heffernan was an integral part of WRAL TV for 15 years, during which she covered a lot of tragedies. They began affecting her on a personal level, and she found it difficult to continue. Then the isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic made her realize that she missed the relationships she had with the people she worked with, and that made her think. She found what she truly has a passion for, and has decided to make that the focus of her life and career.

Sloane Heffernan Is Leaving WRAL TV

Covering tragedies regularly takes a toll on you. Sloane Heffernan knows it better than anyone else, as she has worked in the news business for a long time.

Over the years, the events have affected her deeply on a personal level, and some have disturbed her.

The COVID-19 pandemic made it worse, but it also allowed her to analyze this and decide what she wanted to do with her life.

So Sloane Heffernan is leaving WRAL TV after working there for 15 years, and now wants to turn her passion into a business.


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Where Is Sloane Heffernan Going?

She is going to use her storytelling skills and share them with nonprofits and small business owners to make a difference in the way businesses are run.

She has realized that it’s the relationships that she had with her colleagues and co-workers that gave her the strength and enthusiasm to keep going forward for so long.

Working alone during the pandemic made her value the photographers she used to work with and how much those relationships meant to her. It made the pain of her work bearable, and she was able to face every new day with renewed vigor.

Making a Difference

She couldn’t take the pain of the tragedies and keep it away from her emotional self. This is why Sloane Heffernan is leaving WRAL TV.

Now she will take her storytelling skills and make it into a profitable business, helping to improve the business environment and make it positive and fulfilling for everyone involved.

June 15, 2021, was her last date of working in the news business, and now Heffernan is starting a new phase in her life. She will continue to make a difference like she always has over the years.