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Foe a long time, Simone Biles’ favorite musician has been rapper, G-Easy. Biles couldn’t believe her eyes when she met G-Eazy in person at an NBA game recently. Now she has a picture to prove it really happened!

Simone Biles is a bonafide star and everything she does makes for news. Many sources have been covering the Olympic star, writing about her since Biles came to national attention thanks to her gymnastic skills. There as been so much focus on her as a gymnastic star that it is easy to forget that she is still just a 19-year old girl. Biles, like any normal 19-year old, loves music and her absolute favorite star is rapper G-Eazy. She has said that in several interviews and her wish was to meet him in person.

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my homie, so good seeing you tonight! See you soon😛 @g_eazy

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A Chance Meeting

So, guess who Biles met at the game between the Golden State Warriors and the LA Clippers on Tuesday (December 7) night? None other than G-Eazy himself! The best part is that G-Eazy was equally delighted to meet her! Simone Biles and G-Eazy posed together for a photograph, and it has found its way to Simone Biles’ Instagram account. G-Eazy even posted a message for her saying, “Simone Biles my homie, so good seeing you tonight! See you soon.” After seeing this picture, Biles’ friends and fans have sent messages to her filled with envy, and some even asking for G-Eazy’s phone number!

One Happy Girl

For Biles, this is a long standing dream that has come true. She is ecstatic after meeting G-Eazy, revealing that under all that talent, discipline, and commitment is a normal young girl who is thrilled about meeting her favorite celebrity.