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Scarlett Johansson showed her magic on Avengers: Infinity War, and fans were excited to see this Black Widow spin her web of sexy magic in the movie! The Avengers movies have always created a buzz among sci-fi lovers, but this time, a certain Russian spy has got the attention! And since Scarlett Johansson’s hot pics on social media are heating things up before the big premiere, we’ve found the best ones here!

The blonde beauty was seen in this edition of the franchise sporting golden tresses and blonde eyebrows, which is a radical change from her previous black look.

Check out some of Scarlett Johansson’s sexy pics below.

Wouldn’t you want her to spy on you?

Black and White Beauty

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The 33-year-old babe stands at 5’3″ and she’s proven that height has nothing to do with being a bombshell!

Johansson has roots from Denmark but she’s your atypical New York gal. She is strong, sexy, and independent, much like that of the Black Widow!

Naughty Natasha

Lips of an Angel

ScarJo (as she is lovingly called by many of her fans), definitely kicked some serious butt in the new Avengers movie. But as the only female idol in the franchise, she has been pushing for some more woman power in the movies.

Captured Candid

Powerful Woman

Seductive and Sultry

Seriously Sexy

Being one of the only strong female leads, Scarlett Johansson has enjoyed working with the boys on Avengers: Infinity War. She has also shared their thoughts when she says that fans have become more demanding with the franchise.

“They’re hungry for those stories, and they also want to see a more diverse group that better represents the population. It’s wonderful to feel like you’ve witnessed and been a part of that growth,” the actress said.

In Action

Penny for Your Thoughts?

baby, i’m a fool for youuu ??

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That Blush


The same pose as my Instagram pro-pic.. I guess I love these type of photos ?

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Those Eyes

Heart Skips a Beat

Have a great weekend ❤?

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Suited Up!

Absolutely obsessed. • Photo by Michael Loccisano

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