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Roy Moore gave it a really good shot in his run for the Alabama Senate race. But in a short period of time, he was accused of being a pedophile, he offended minorities (including the LGBTQ community), and even managed to upset a Horse Twitter (yes, apparently this is a thing) due to his lack of riding skills! Despite all of this, the Alabama election results were really close, but Doug Jones pulled out a victory and it’s time for Roy Moore to pretend he knows how to ride off into the sunset. We are here to help with that ride by presenting some of our favorite Roy Moore memes! From Roy Moore’s horse to his … shall we say… unique understanding about the age of consent, we’ve got you covered. These are jokes you will not find on Ricky Smiley’s Instagram, that’s for sure!

The Election Results Are In!


You make one fashion faux pas and it haunts you on the Internet for the rest of your life.

If Life Were a Football Game


Yes, they went there.

People’s Reaction to the Election Results


Pretty much sums it up.

Now, a Word from Roy Moore’s Horse


…And the Horse He Rode in On

Anyone else curious if Moore is regretting the whole horse thing?

Possible Thoughts of Doug Jones Supporters


While we can appreciate the sentiment… wouldn’t this just be kind of salty, warm, and gross?

Just in Case You Were Wondering Why Doug Jones Won…


Pretty accurate description of what Jones has accomplished in the past.

To Roy Moore, you ran an… interesting race, and congratulations to Doug Jones. Here’s hoping the Alabama voters have a man who will help raise their great state to where they want it to be!