Photo: Bryan Bedder / Stringer / Getty Images

It’s official: UnrealityTV reported that Rebel Wilson may play Adele in a movie about the singer’s life. How did we not know that an Adele movie was in the works?!

The Pitch Perfect star has been known to carry a tune and is a great choice for portraying the Grammy Award-winning singer. It’s no secret that Adele is amazingly talented and has big shoes to fill. Her albums 21 and 25 were major hits, with 25 selling three million copies in just the first week alone.

According to a Daily Star interview, a source said that Wilson hopes the role in the Adele movie will show others that she has more depth and that her talents range beyond romantic comedies. “This is going to be a huge challenge for her because Adele is a legend at the peak of her popularity. She thinks that this role could be the making of her career and transform her into a major movie star. She knows that she can’t go on playing whacky fat girl roles forever,” said the source.

Wilson’s anxiety makes sense if she’s worried about portraying Adele accurately to audiences while trying to make a bigger impression in the business. Often actors get typecast into familiar roles and rarely get the chance to explore other opportunities that reflect their talents.

Nerves aside, there’s one thing Wilson can do that Adele can: perform and make fun of herself. Ok, that’s two things—but that’s even better! No doubt Wilson will be able to capture Adele’s humor since the singer is known for making her interviewers laugh without even trying.

Script writers and producers are working on bringing the biopic to life and there’s no doubt that Adele fans will enjoy it. Plus, we are sure Wilson’s performance will be well received.