Photo: Splash News

It’s always great to listen to Beyonce’s songs, but her collaborations can be much more exciting and far more pleasing. You’ll agree when you listen to the “Don’t Hurt Yourself” track from Beyonce’s latest album Lemonade. Beyonce’s Lemonade brings us an unlikely collaboration of the R&B queen with rock singer Jack White. Jack White and Beyonce come together for a pure rock anthem called “Don’t Hurt Yourself.” And, reading the “Don’t Hurt Yourself” lyrics will make you feel Beyonce fits into the rock ‘n’ roll world as well.

Jack White, front man of The White Stripes, joins Beyonce’s Lemonade album and gives us a rocking single with the pop queen. Beyonce’s aggressiveness in “Don’t Hurt Yourself” makes you think she may think of shifting genres and trying out rock music. Adding to Queen Bey’s singing is White’s own vocals and those empowering words in “Don’t Hurt Yourself” lyrics.

The raging guitar makes this anthem an all-time “thrash” song from Beyonce. You can stream the song on Tidal and read these “Don’t Hurt Yourself” lyrics at!