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Guess what? Skrillex is back with a brand new single, “Purple Lamborghini.” Rick Ross joins him as they belt out the single, “Purple Lamborghini,” which is a song on the Suicide Squad movie soundtrack. So, if you have been trying out phrases like “Purple Lamborghini lyrics” or “Purple Lamborghini live stream” then stop right now. We will tell you where to go to and listen to this hot single from the Suicide Squad songs playlist.

A Passion for Music  

The question on your mind must be, “Who is Skrillex?’ He is an American musician whose real name is Sonny John Moore. He is a DJ, music producer, singer, songwriter, and guitarist who burst onto the music scene in 2004. As a member of the band From First To Last, he released two albums that were well received. In 2007, he quit the band and went solo. He took on the stage name Skrillex and started releasing his own music. He is the winner of eight Grammy Awards so far. He holds the record for the highest number of Grammys won by a an electronic music artist. He has formed several bands with other artists and released music that has made him a red-hot artist today.

Dance to the Beat

Skrillex’s new song, “Purple Lamborghini,” has a nice groove with Rick Ross‘s breathy vocals over it. It has loads of energy. So, stop searching the net using phrases like “Purple Lamborghini listen online” or “Purple Lamborghini mp3” and get the Skrillex-Rick Ross “Purple Lamborghini” by clicking below: