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Need a little more Britney Spears in your life? We hope so, because the queen of pop is back and she’s offering her fans a private show, sort of. Britney Spears’ “Private Show” lyrics have caused fans to search for “Britney Spears Private Show mp3,”, “Britney Spears Private Show mp3 stream,” and “Britney Spears Private Show listen, in order to get a hold of her newest sultry single.

Spears’ latest single was released yesterday and is part of her new album titled, Glory. The song was used in a commercial to promote her new fragrance of the same name.

The commercial shows Spears walking on stage, dressed in a seductive black outfit with leggings. The theater is empty (to support the “Private Show” theme) and has her transitioning into a silver outfit, similar to the black one, where she appears almost nude. (The brief dance number was very Burlesque.) How risqué!

In order to check out the rest of the song—because a sample just isn’t enough—head to to listen here. We also have a sample for you to read, below.

Put on a private show
Pull the curtains until they close
I put on a private show
We’ll be whiling all on the low
Work it, work it, boy watch me work it

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