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People have been searching “Kylie Jenner hot pics” in search for her smashing new outfits and to see Kylie Jenner’s bleached hair. The A-list celebrity has given herself a complete makeover! She is no longer sporting her long dark hair, but has traded it in for shoulder-length platinum blond tresses. One of her looks for New York Fashion Week 2016 is completed by a white jumpsuit, which you can find in Kylie Jenner’s photos on Instagram. On top of the white jumpsuit she sports a large jacket with white and metallic army-green fabric leaves littered across a navy blue background. Kylie Jenner’s blonde hair completes the outfit and brings out her tanned complexion. It’s the perfect high fashion style to kick off NYFW 2016!

Check out these photos you must see of her outfit!

Kylie Jenner in NYC

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