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Scandal is in its final season, and Olivia Pope’s style is glamorous and classy. Take a look at the evolution of Olivia Pope’s outfits through seven seasons of Scandal, right here!

Olivia Pope & Associates will be taking the final bow this season. However, ABC will bring us the ultimate TGIT crossover. Olivia Pope and Annaliese Keating cross paths in a Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder crossover.

Olivia’s power look is super glam. Actually, there’s never been a time when Olivia Pope’s clothes have been out of place—even in the toughest of crises. Here’s a look at Kerry Washington’s Scandal-ous style over the years!

Olivia Pope’s Wardrobe

If you want to nail the perfect workplace look, make sure your closet has these Olivia Pope essentials!

#1. The Coats

You can brave any weather with Olivia Pope’s statement coats. Her coats are all about sharp, streamlined silhouettes, but she goes for the bolder cape style, too.

Olivia’s tried-and-true classic is the trench coat exudes confidence like no other. There’s a recurring trend of Max Mara coats in Olivia’s outfits.

For a dressed-down look, go for a long, voluminous sweater.

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#2. The Trousers

Olivia definitely wears the pants at Olivia Pope & Co.! Each pair is immaculately tailored to perfection and comfort.

#3. The Blouse

Olivia makes a statement in her signature button-down blouses. She largely sticks to muted beiges and grays to go with her tailored pants. And she traded up from cowl necks to defined high necks.

But the key to Olivia Pope’s style is neither color nor cut, but the fabric. A luxe satin or silk blouse that flows over your curves is the way to go.

Throw on some delicate, long necklaces for an added touch.

#4. The Pantsuit

Political shows have come and gone on our screens, and many female power player characters donned pantsuits. But Olivia Pope took the boring, boxy, austere ensemble to new fashion heights.

The key to rocking the “gladiators in suits” look is sharply tailored made-to-fit cuts. For a more current style, a shawl-collar screams Olivia.

#5. The Jacket

Scandal costume designer Lyn Paolo accentuates Kerry Washington’s waist with dramatic blazers and dress jackets. Olivia’s outerwear is usually cinched at the waist or has a subtle peplum.

Wear bright, bold-print jackets with stand-out buttons, .

#6. The Dress

Kerry Washington brought a fresh twist to political drama couture with the polished dress style. As usual, a clean, tailored cut is the perfect crisis manager look.

Nothing works better than the classic shift dress for the hassle-free feminine silhouette under that brown trench coat you know you’re going to get.

When it comes to the dress, Olivia doesn’t play it safe. She goes for bold, brighter colors and eye-catching lace details.

Remember the gorgeous Michael Kors number from season 2?

#7. The Gown

A work event demands something extravagant. Olivia goes for a softer look in a gown.

In season 2, she wore an iconic Jean Fares chiffon gown with gold embellishments at President Grant’s birthday party. There’s no rule here, except looking divine.


#8. The Bags

Liv’s pièce de résistance is a magnificent, eye-catching tote. An on-the-go life is no excuse to put your essentials in a frumpy bag!

A structured leather handbag has to hang off your arm to complete the power player ensemble. It should be a neutral color to go with every outfit and occasion, and it needs to be the ideal size to fit all your stuff.

Fans noticed Olivia’s go-to brand is a stylish Prada.

#9. The Gloves

It’s usually all gloves off at Olivia Pope & Associates. But when you get your hands dirty for presidents and politicians, you need a nice pair of gloves.

Olivia dons gloves to complete her winter ensemble. Just think how fancy it would look to have a giant tote hang off a glove-covered arm.

#10. The Shoes

Olivia Pope is all about attitude and altitude. She may be on her feet for the better part of the day, but she will still strut up and down Capitol Hill in powerful platform heels.

On occasion, she’ll switch it up with knee-high boots.

Don’t miss Olivia Pope’s final season looks in Scandal, Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. EST on ABC.