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Nicole Kidman has been a part of the film industry since her 1983 film, Bush Christmas, and is still working on several projects alongside juggling being married to Keith Urban and her four children. After delivering outstanding performances in movies such as Moulin Rouge! and The Hours, Kidman has proven herself as an accomplished actress. So what exactly is the secret formula behind the success of A-list actors such as Nicole Kidman?

The 48-year-old revealed in an interview with Esquire magazine that there is in fact no “formula.” On her official Facebook account, she explained, “I think as an actor, as a director, as a writer, as an artist, there is no formula.” She went on to explain how the only simple fact about Hollywood is that one has to say, “OK, I’m willing to take a risk and I don’t care if I lose everything, because what is all this worth if I don’t have my integrity and free spirit?”

Kidman’s fans were on her side a hundred percent. They voiced their agreement with comments that included, “Nothing more greater than free spirit, I love you too much Nicole,” and, “There are so many real life stories that need your light and truth, you’ve got this! [sic].”

Yesterday, Kidman’s team posted another photo of her with another insight into her beliefs: “As much as you take, you have to give back. It’s important to not focus on yourself too much.” However, one fan had a different opinion on this. He corrected her statement, saying, “It’s that we should NEVER focus on ourselves so much that all we see is ourselves [sic].” He went on to explain that even though we should direct our focus on the things that we can change, our own lives should be “taken care of as well.” He does make a valid point.

Image Source: Facebook/Nicole Kidman