It seems Netflix is on the sci-fi train lately and their latest release has people buzzing. Set in Earth’s distant future, Orbiter 9 is actually a love story with all the makings of an interesting science-fiction film. But did this sweet sci-fi story get the fairy-tale ending it so deserved?

When you think of romance, science fiction usually isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, writer and director Hatem Khraiche does an incredible job of taking us on a journey of love through the hearts of two complete strangers.



But, after watching the film, many are curious to have the Orbiter 9 ending explained. We’ve got the scoop.

Orbiter 9 Plot: A Love Story in Space

The film, completely in subtitles, revolves around a woman named Helena, who is more of a science project herself. She is a test subject who was put on a vessel named Orbiter 9 when she was just a baby and has spent her entire life in solitude on the ship.

However, she finally meets another human for the first time in her life when an engineer named Alex boards her ship to conduct repairs. Strapping as he is, it’s no shock that the two of them fall in love. But things aren’t exactly what they seem…



In fact, Helena is not in space at all! The Orbiter is just a man-made ship sitting underground on Earth, despite the fact that Helena has been taught to believe she has been orbiting space for the last few decades!

She is part of an experiment and Alex has been sent in to conduct repairs on her ship. Little does he know she would be the woman he would fall for. He is then put in a position of struggle as to whether or not to tell her the truth.

Orbiter 9 Review: Sci-Fi + Romance = Slowmance…

Orbiter 9 was Hatem Khraiche’s directorial debut, and he seems to have done a pretty good job for his first film. However, some may argue that the film was a bit slow and difficult to understand (not only because of the subtitles).


Then again, many hoping for an exciting sci-fi movie would have been disappointed to learn that although it had all the makings of a space odyssey, this movie was really more of a romance film!

The titular characters both did justice to their roles. Clara Lago (who plays Helena) and Alex Gonzalez (who plays Alex) keep viewers interested. And although the storyline is slow at times, the chemistry between these two is palpable on screen.

However, it’s easy for viewers to lose interest during the first half of this film because of the long, still shots and the overdramatic pauses. That mixed with a somewhat slow score made it hard to stay awake at times! But in the second half, things definitely start to pick up.

Alex decides to reveal the truth to Helena and shows her the real world beyond the doors of Orbiter 9. The film kicks into high gear as Alex defies the scientists and helps her escape from the “ship” she’s been isolated to her whole life.

Add in a bit of drama when Helena finds out Alex is actually working for the scientists, mixed with a few high-speed chases to try and retrieve their “test subject,” and the film starts to see some real action!

Orbiter 9 Ending Explained

It’s no surprise that some viewers were left scratching their heads at the end of Obiter 9. And not just for the debate on the ethics behind using humans as test subjects.

It’s not a matter of the scientists necessarily torturing these people, but rather taking away their right to a full, normal life. Is it worth doing this to one person to save the fate of millions?

It is a question some viewers may struggle with.

In the end, viewers find out that Helena is actually not even a real person at all; she is a clone! The question then becomes whether or not it is better that this test was being performed on a clone, rather than a real person.

It is also revealed that Helena’s father was not her father at all and that her mother was, in fact, a type of “surrogate” to Helena.

The movie ends with the revelation that because Helena was not raised in the outside world on Earth, her immune system could not handle the atmosphere. She decides she wants to go back to her old isolated world on the ship, where she was blissfully ignorant of what is really just outside her door.

It is a happy end though, as Alex decides to follow her back to her ship to live out their days together.

It’s nice to see romance isn’t dead, even in strange science fiction movies!

Orbiter 9 is available on Netflix now. You can check out the trailer below to get an idea of what you’re in for!

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