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If you’re searching for Natasha Hastings’ age, lifestyle, background, and more, you’ve come to the right place. Natasha Monique Hastings was born July 23, 1986 and she stands a solid 5ft 8 in. Natasha Hastings’ hot physique is attributed to her track career that began at a very early age and Natasha Hastings’ coach Darryl Woodson has had an hand in shaping the young athlete to become the performer she is today. Hastings is set to compete in the Women’s 400m final race at the Rio 2016 Olympics, so it’s the perfect time to brush up on your knowledge! Here are five facts to know as we bring you our Natasha Hastings wiki!

Caribbean Heritage

Natasha Hastings is of Trinidadian-Jamaican heritage, but was born in the bright city of Brooklyn, New York. While growing up in New York, Hastings attended A. Phillip Randolph Campus High School in Harlem, where she initially began competing in track and field at a competitive level. Athleticism must run in the family, as she is also the cousin of famed Trinidadian and Tobagonian former footballer, Shaka Hislop.

Ready, Set, Success!

Hastings first sped into the light at the age of 22 with the USA Olympic Track & Field team. In 2008, she won a gold medal in the Women’s 4x400M relay team – that’s a huge accomplishment for someone in their early 20’s! Unfortunately, she was set back in 2012 after missing the 4x400M relay team, but this gave her time to refocus and recharge. Only one year later, she literally blew everyone away winning the U.S. National Championship in the 400 metres. Obviously a successful athlete, Hastings is catching the eye of many, including endorsements from the athletic wear guru, Under Armour. Although, Natasha Hastings’ net worth is not known, we have no doubt her income will be on a steady increase after the way she performed in Rio!  

The Joke Behind the Name

Natasha Hastings was nicknamed by her fan base the “400M Diva” after she accidentally described the University of South Carolina’s ladies’ track team as the “Gamecock Divas.” This was in honor of the school’s mascot – since then, her nickname stuck.

A Balanced Life

Natasha Hastings is a well-balanced athlete. She is a track and field sprinter, Olympic gold medalist, and World Class athlete, yet she dedicates herself to make time to rest, refocus and enjoy her personal time. Hastings also appears to love fitness fashion – she teamed up with the brand, Big Cartel, to design a baby blue workout tank top with stars on it.

Personal Blog

Hastings documents her journey and posts health and fitness tips on her personal blog, so aspiring athletes and gym buffs can learn how the professionals like her stay in shape. Natasha Hastings’ Instagram is another place you can get your “#fitspo” [fitness inspiration] fix. One thing she doesn’t mention is a husband and if you’re trying to search for “Natasha Hastings husband,” you won’t find anything there! It seems the beautiful Hastings has not been spoken for, so there’s still hope for those vying for her hand! Mind you, she’s definitely going to need someone who can keep up, so get your training on!