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Minority leader, Nancy Pelosi came prepared to the Capitol Building and warned her caucus not intervene in the address. The Democrats were asked by Pelosi to stay for the entire address and focus on the President and (as she referred to him) “his slobbering self.” The comment has caused her to trend today, after many were pleasantly shocked with Trump’s speech! People are looking to learn more about her and are searching for information on her wealth and personal life. Nancy Pelosi’s net worth in 2018 is estimated at a cool $120.0 million, and we have details of how she earned it.

Nancy Pelosi has come into the limelight (although she wasn’t looking for it) after her party was almost invisible during the SOTU address. The group swiftly zipped towards the exit after it was done, proving the minority leader and her party were not looking to be the cause of any disruptions at the event.

With power comes money, and Nancy Pelosi earned herself a pretty penny! She has been in politics for more than four decades now, always as a Democrat.

Nancy Pelosi’s father, Thomas D’Alesandro Jr., was a congressman for the Democratic Party in Maryland. He then served as Mayor of Baltimore.

Pelosi’s brother, Thomas D’Alesandro III, also served as Mayor of Baltimore from 1967 to 1971, after which he chose not to run for re-election.

Nancy Pelosi began as a Democratic National Committee member in 1976, after she and her husband moved to San Fransisco. She was the first woman to sit behind the podium at a State of the Union address as Madam Speaker with President George W. Bush in 2007.

What Is the Net Worth of Nancy Pelosi and Her Husband?

  • Nancy Pelosi, 77, is the current Minority Leader of the House of Representatives; she has deep roots in politics from her family.
  • The Democrat’s net worth in 2018 is estimated at $120.0 million.
  • Pelosi owns commercial real estate, has multiple investments, and money has never been a problem in her life.
  • She married Paul Pelosi in 1963, and the couple has five children together.
  • Pelosi invested in real estate and vineyards, and in 2003, her 16.5-acre Zinfandel Lane property was sold for $3.1 million.
  • As of 2015, Nancy Pelosi’s husband had numerous investments in companies like Apple, Facebook, and the Walt Disney Co.
  • Paul Pelosi also had $10.0 million in investments in the United Football League as the owner of the Sacramento Mountain Lions.
  • Nancy Pelosi has represented California’s 12th Congressional District since 2011.
  • In 2015, it was reported that Pelosi and her husband had annual salaries of $174,000.
  • Pelosi owns a Napa Valley vineyard worth at least $5.0 million, and the annual sale of grapes was estimated as high as $15,000.
  • Her real estate investment paid off, and it was estimated that the political leader’s assets were worth $42.8 million in 2014.
  • Nancy Pelosi’s house in Norden, near Sugar Bowl Ski Resort, was estimated to be worth between $1.0 million and $5.0 million in 2015.
  • As she rose in politics, so did her wealth; by the end of 2015, it was calculated that Pelosi had a whopping $13.5 million in liabilities!
  • Since the Trump administration took over, Nancy Pelosi’s salary was estimated at $193,400 in 2017.
  • Based on her 2014 finance report, Nancy Pelosi was named the fourth richest Californian in Congress, thanks to her vineyard, real estate investments, and her hard work.