Image by Cindy Jones from Pixabay

The MLB trade deadline (Sunday, July 31) is fast approaching, leaving teams both clinched and scrambling for a playoff berth. Many are rushing to make last-minute deals that could impact the rest of the season and the current MLB standings. And in what is sure to not be news to anyone who knows anything about baseball, MLB trade rumors are plentiful in these final days before rosters are locked in for the rest of the season. Here are some trade talks regarding three teams that could have their roster heavily shaken up (if, of course, rumors are true).

Minnesota Twins

MLB trade rumors are the lifeline of Twins fans right now, as the team is currently sitting with a pitiful 37 wins and 61 losses, making them one of the worst ranked teams overall; in fact, the only team with a worse record right now is the Atlanta Braves, with 34-66. With no chance of making the playoffs (other than an act of God disqualifying a slew of other teams), a last-minute trade could serve as the start of some seriously necessary changes the Twins need to make, in order to prepare for the next season. So, if you’re searching things like “MLB trade rumors Twins,” you might get a slew of predictions for potential players who could help turn this team around.

According to a Boston Globe writer, other teams have shown interest in Minnesota’s pitching, with starters Ricky Nolasco and Tommy Milone attracting more and more attention from prospective trading partners. More specifically, representatives of the Miami Marlins were in town on the weekend and had their eyes on the two; the Marlins were also reported to be interested in Eduardo Rodriguez of the Boston Red Sox, but he’s apparently off the table.

Pittsburgh Pirates

Unlike the Minnesota Twins, the Pittsburgh Pirates are currently still in contention—sort of. The team has a chance at a wild card spot, but with a near 50-50 win/loss record (with 51 wins and 48 losses), it’s clear that there is some definite room for improvement, especially if they hope to clinch one of the last remaining playoff spots.

The team is apparently looking for a starting pitcher, as this is easily their biggest flaw. When it comes to MLB trade rumors, the Pirates are said by ESPN to be looking at Jake Odorizzi and Matt Moore of the Tampa Bay Rays, both of whom are supposedly being courted by many teams. While not suggested by any other experts yet, Pittsburgh may also want to consider that starting pitchers are exactly who the Twins are trying to get rid of, as noted above.

Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers currently hold a record of 57 wins and 44 losses. They have had a perfectly acceptable year thus far, as they are currently second in the National League West Division and tied for seventh overall with the Toronto Blue Jays. As such, unlike Minnesota and Pittsburgh, Los Angeles doesn’t have any massive holes in their team to fill and are likely looking to simply build on what they already have. Maybe it’s a good idea to dump some of the weaker links off on another team?

There are some MLB trade rumors for the Dodgers, as well. According to the New York Post, the Dodgers have supposedly shown an interest in Chris Sale of the Chicago White Sox. It wouldn’t be that much of a surprise if Chicago was receptive to the trade, as Sale is certainly bringing it on the field. However, his behavior off the field makes a strong case for getting him out of the White Sox locker room.