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Have you heard any songs by Stefani Joanne Angeline Germanotta? You will most probably reply in the negative. Have you heard any songs by Lady Gaga? Of course, you have! Who hasn’t? With global album sales of more than 27 million copies, Stefani Germanotta, better known as Lady Gaga, is one of the best-selling musicians of all time! She is the winner of many awards, including six Grammy Awards. After the mega success of her first four albums, Lady Gaga is all set to release her fifth album called Joanna on October 21, 2016. Fans are already anxious for the arrival of a brand new album from Lady Gaga. She has just released a new single called “Million Reasons” from her upcoming album. So, if you are searching the Internet with terms like, “Million Reasons lyrics,” “Million Reasons download,” “Million Reasons mp3,” or “Million Reasons stream,” stop right now. We will tell you exactly where to listen to the brand new single, “Million Reasons” from Lady Gaga.

No Reason to Stay

The song is about wanting to leave a relationship that is not satisfying for one of the two people involved. It’s about how the other person does many hurtful things that cause pain to the person who wants the relationship to work. She is desperate to make a bad thing better but receives no support from her partner. The music starts softly and builds up as Lady Gaga’s voice takes a higher pitch towards the end of the song. The song is touching and sentimental, which is a bit unlike her usual fast paced, foot-tapping dance songs.

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The Chameleon

Lady Gaga has fans all over the world. She is known to be highly individualistic in everything she does, especially in her sense of style. Does everyone remember the “meat dress?” How could we forget! Her fans are always on the lookout for her new looks, as she changes her image like a chameleon. Still, it is her music that has made Lady Gaga a celebrity and famous all over the world. “Million Reasons” is yet another example of her incredible musical talent. There is plenty of reasons for you to listen to Lady Gaga’s new song, “Million Reasons” as it is sure to top the charts very soon! You can listen to it by clicking below: