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During Monday night’s Dancing with the Stars episode, contestant Jana Kramer broke down in tears as she discussed the inspiration for this week’s theme: Most Memorable Year. She shared a secret that she had been keeping for many years, and she opened up about the physical abuse and attempted murder against her from her first marriage with Michael Gambino.

Kramer also shared how her baby girl, Jolie, gives her strength. On DWTS, Kramer said, “I feel like I’m the strongest I’ve been in my entire life. She’s given me the strength I didn’t know I would have.” Jana Kramer’s story has made people curious as to who is Michael Gambino?


If you’ve been searching the Internet for details on “Jana Kramer attempted murder,” or “Michael Gambino Wiki,” there isn’t much information on the man himself. However, People shared a heartbreaking interview with Jana Kramer, and we’ve got everything you need to know about the story right here.

Michael Gambino Was Sent to Prison for Attempting to Murder Jana Kramer

Jana Kramer’s ex-husband, Michael Gambino, was arrested and sent to prison for attempted murder in 2005. Kramer told People in the exclusive, “I met Mike when I was 19 at a Coffee Bean in L.A. He was a smooth-talker, very charming, intriguing and obviously older. At the time, I liked that. I felt protected.”

They spent two weeks dating and decided to marry in 2004, but things quickly turned sour as Gambino, 17 years her senior, began an abusive routine that led Kramer to sleep in her car at nights or hide in the bushes until he settled down. Kramer told People of his late returns home at three in the morning where he would take her out of bed, toss her to the floor, and scream and hit her. He would then greet her the following morning with, “Hey baby” as if nothing happened.

In August 2005, Kramer said things got the worse they’d ever been, when he choked her until she lost consciousness and left her bleeding on the gravel outside their home in L.A. Kramer said she remembered praying that night, “Please, just take me away, I don’t want to be here anymore.”

After His Release from Prison, Gambino Committed Suicide

After being convicted of attempted murder, Gambino was sentenced to six years in prison. Michael Gambino’s death came shortly after his release in 2010, when he committed suicide in 2012. The couple had no children, and Kramer has been married twice since then.


Kramer’s Tough Love Life

In 2009, she got engaged to Johnathon Schaech, 14 years her senior, and ex-husband of Christina Applegate. They met on the set of Prom Night and married on July 4, 2010 but separated a month later. In June 2011, the divorce was finalized.

It was then announced in September 2012, that Kramer was in a relationship with Brantley Gilbert, a country musician. They were engaged on his birthday on January 20, 2013, but split in August of that year.

A year later, Kramer began dating Mike Caussin, tight end of the Washington Redskins, after they met on Twitter. Kramer publicly announced their split on social media and during a show, claiming that he was cheating on her. Shortly after that, she publicly reconciled the relationship and forgave him. They were engaged in December of 2014 and married on May 22, 2015.

In January 2016, she gave birth to their daughter, Jolie, who is now 7 months-old. The couple separated after he admitted himself into rehab for undisclosed purposes in August 2016. Let’s hope her new outlook on life remains bright, and she continues to be a great mom to her daughter!



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