L-R: Guest judge Michael Mina and chef/host Gordon Ramsay in the Michael Mina Meat Roulette episode airing Wednesday, July 7 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (Photo by FOX via Getty Images)

Gordon Ramsay and Christina Tosi are back for another season of MasterChef, and you can bet it’s going to be grueling, thrilling, and titillating all at once! The MasterChef 2016 contestants have been announced, and of the MasterChef top 20 contestants, two have already been eliminated, leaving just 18 MasterChef contestants to fight for the grand prize. MasterChef season 7, episode 3 will see these remaining 18 contestants dwindle down until the MasterChef cast 2016 is made up of no one but the judges and a proud winner!

The MasterChef season 7 contestants vary not only from origin but also from areas of expertise and profession. From a voice over actor to a fireman to an investigator, the MasterChef 2016 cast is maybe one of the most diverse to date!

MasterChef Top 20 Eliminations

The MasterChef top 20 contestants have now been cut down to just 18 after Cassie Peterson and Bill Travers were eliminated. Andrea Galan earned immunity from elimination thanks to excelling at the potato-based Mystery Box challenge and coming up with tortilla Espanola, potato croquette, and gazpacho. Galan’s meal was the best, though that’s maybe not saying much since the judges were generally appalled by the creations of the top 20 contestants.

Travers got the boot at the end after finding himself in the bottom of both challenges for the day. Judges felt that the 62-year-old was too set in his ways and unable to change and adapt, not even for a grand prize. They felt he lacked the passion and drive to compete successfully with the other chefs, and thus he was booted off.

Last Episode

Now, there are only 18 chefs remaining and they will battle it out against each other. Galan lucked out and managed to use her luck to help out the other female contestants when she was allowed to not only be safe from elimination but also keep either all the men or al the women from being safe for elimination. Believing that some of the strongest competitors were men, Galan chose to save the women, leaving the men to battle it out for survival.

The challenge wasn’t an easy of, unsurprisingly. The contestants were expected to recreate one of judge Gordon Ramsay’s dishes. But it wasn’t just any old dish: it was one that had earned three Michelin stars. Now, it’s not a secret that Gordon Ramsay isn’t known for his tact and courtesy, especially when it comes to his peers of whom he expects only the best. So, it was undoubtedly highly nerve-wracking not only to be judged by Ramsay, but to be judged by him over a recreation of an award-winning dish by him!

Remaining MasterChef Contestants

As we said, there are only 18 contestants left to compete for the grand prize, and it’s still early enough in the season that anyone can be crowned Master Chef. Here’s a table of the remaining contestants and a little bit of background on them





Alejandro Toro 26 Voice Over Artist Miami, Florida
Andrea Galan 21 Student Miami, Florida
Barbara Savage 51 Investigator Denver, Colorado
Brandi Mudd 27 Teacher Irvington, Kentucky
Brittany Craig 22 Server New Hartford, New York
D’Andre Balaoing 25 Bartender Las Vegas, Nevada
Dan Paustian 26 Server Charlotte, North Carolina
David Williams 24 Poker Player Las Vegas, Nevada
Diamond Alexander 24 Web Designer San Diego, California
Diana Bilow 26 Server Plainfield, Illinois
Eric Howard 26 Fireman Queens, New York
Katie Dixon 27 Personal Trainer/Retail Associate Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Lisa-Ann Marchesi 46 Insurance Manager Gillette, New Jersey
Manny Washington 29 Fireman Orlando, Florida
Nathan Barnhouse 30 Tuxedo Salesman Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania
Sean O’Neal 33 DJ Las Vegas, Nevada
Tanorria Askew 34 Credit Union Coordinator Chattanooga, Tennessee
Terry Mueller 40 Handyman Long Island, New York