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With a posh house to boast about and a rocking career, we are sure that Marlo Hampton’s net worth in 2017 is nothing to scoff at. Hampton diversified her portfolio of pet projects, which ensures that the cash keeps coming. Keep reading to know more about Marlo Hampton’s fortune right here.

Making money in Hollywood might be easy for a lot of people, but some are lucky enough to be financed. Marlo Hampton’s alleged sugar daddy is someone who is not only influential but also has loads of moolah.

CNN’s Ted Turner is said to be the real source of Marlo Hampton’s money and the luxurious lifestyle that she leads. Hollywood sparkler Jane Fonda was once married to the CNN head honcho.



HelloBeautiful says that one reason that could have resulted in the power couple’s divorce is Turner’s closeness and apparent fondness for the multi-talented Marlo Hampton.

In 2012, the site claimed that RHOA star Sheree revealed that Hampton is sleeping with the now-79-year-old to lay for money. Of course, this is all hearsay, as there is no confirmation.

Marlo Hampton’s Net Worth

What does Marlo Hampton do for a living? The Tampa, Florida native doesn’t have great acting skills, but she is a is a multi-faceted woman who knows how to keep herself busy and productive.

Hampton is an actress and blog writer who owns a fashion store that caters to the elite.


As of 2017, Marlo Hampton’s age is 45. She has a lot on her plate, as she is also gearing up to write a book.

The details and the subject of her book are unknown at the moment. But many hope it’s about fashion because the lady definitely has got an eye for it.

According to sources, Marlo Hampton’s net worth is anywhere from $60,000 to $600,000. Not too shabby for a woman who grew up in a foster home and has a criminal past.

Hampton’s stint with The Real Housewives of Atlanta was cut to just guest appearances from her regular role on the show.

Her House is Worth Millions

Marlo Hampton’s house is definitely something to look at. Images of  it keep popping up when she hosts parties.

The photographs reveal that the house boasts luxury and has a warmth to it. The living room has a huge portrait of herself, which instantly spices up the décor. The side tables also contain many pics of herself.

Marlo Hampton’s Instagram account is filled with images of the actress partying with her friends or having a great time on the sets of RHOA. The account gives fans a glimpse of her glamourous and glitzy lifestyle.

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