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Britney Spears’ new album, Glory, which launched August 26, will make fans of the ‘90s pop star jump for joy! The American singer is on the performance list for this year’s MTV VMAs, so be sure to catch that, too. In light of her new album release, we’ve got something special for Britney fans – if you’ve been searching for “Man on the Moon stream online,” or “Man on the Moon lyrics” search no more!

My baby has grown up so much!

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Where to Download

Fans can download Glory on iTunes. There are already many other sites offering a “Man on the Moon” mp3 download as well, so make sure you download it! It is the fourth song on the album, and it looks like many will be able to relate to it’s emotional lyrics! If you’re feeling especially heartbroken, this may be the song to help you cry it out.

Almost showtime! Curtain is about to go up and I can’t put this game down ⭐️ #AmericanDream

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“Man on the Moon” Lyrics

Here are the lyrics to Britney Spear’s new song! Is it just me or does the title remind you of that classic “Hit Me Baby, One More Time” music video? Oh, nostalgia! Check out the lyrics:

Dark mascara dripping down my face
Only fools could ever feel this way
Send my message into outer space
Wonder if it’s gonna float your way

I can’t compete with the stars in the sky
I’m invisible, invisible
I open the window to clear up my mind
But it’s difficult, so difficult

Houston, I know there’s a problem here
Must be a hole in the atmosphere
Baby, I wanna be closer to love

Patience, darling, wait for the night
Darkness comes and love comes alive
I’ve been right here dreaming of you
Waiting for my man on the moon

Last night I was in your arms so strong
One small step and, baby, you were gone
Now there’s meaning in the saddest songs
All I do is cry and sing along

So many more things on the way… #Glory is coming soon. Pre-order now!

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