Photo: CBS

Criminal Minds season 11 returns tonight with episode 13. Can you believe the series has been running for 11 seasons, having first premiered in 2005? Time may have flown for viewers, and the cast may have undergone a lot of changes over the course of the show’s decade-long, but the recent Criminal Minds season 11 spoilers clearly show that this series isn’t slowing down any time soon.

Criminal Minds season 11 episode 13, titled The Bond, has been shown in preview clips to feature a mother and son pairing as the episode’s primary antagonists in a relationship that’s been compared to that of Norma and Norman Bates from Psycho. Hopefully this comparison refers to their co-dependence and not the son assuming the persona of his dead mother! The unsub (the show’s abbreviation for “unknown subject”) is said to be going by a list and leaving the corpses in truck stop bathrooms. How high will the body count rise before this family of killers is caught? Will they be caught?

Criminal Minds season 11 spoilers have also revealed that future episodes will feature some notable guest stars. Episode 16 will feature Danny Glover as Derek Morgan’s (Shemar Moore) father, who appears to help his son address some personal problems that appear to be plaguing him.

In addition, Aubrey Plaza will appear again at some point later in the season, having last appeared in the mid-season premiere. She will once again take up the role of Cat Adams, last seen as Dr. Spencer Reid’s blind date who turned out to be an assassin after his life. Is she coming back to finish the job, or is there something else that brings her back into his life? Either way, she’s apparently here to stay, which may or may not go so well for Dr. Reid.

Watch Criminal Minds season 11 episode 13, The Bond, tonight (January 27) on CBS, or look for the option to watch online after the episode airs!