Photo: Nicholas Hunt / Staff / Getty Images

Kesha’s new song is now available to fans and you can now read Kesha’s “True Colors” lyrics! The song is the singer’s first single since “Timber,” which was featured on Pitbull’s 2013 album Meltdown.

Kesha collaborates with Zedd, the song’s original artist, to release what is also her first single following her legal and personal issues with Dr. Luke. Discover how the artist is moving on with her life by listening to the song and reading Kesha’s “True Colors” lyrics below!

The original “True Colors” appeared on Zedd’s 2013 album of the same name. This version of the song originally debuted during this year’s Coachella as part of Zedd’s performance, with Kesha’s appearance being a surprise to attendees. However, while the song and lyrics aren’t originally hers, Kesha clearly makes “True Colors” her own. That may be because the lyrics can now be used to refer back to her issues with Dr. Luke, with lines like, “I won’t apologize/for the fire in my eyes” and “We’ve escaped our capture/yet we have our masters.”

And for fans worried about any legal complications or if Kesha was allowed to do the song given her losing the lawsuit, don’t worry; Zedd clarified on Twitter that they “didn’t use any loop holes” and that they got permission, with Dr. Luke even responding.

Check out the lyrics to Zedd’s “True Colors” featuring Kesha at!