Credits: Getty Images

“This is What You Came For,” the new song from Calvin Harris featuring Rihanna, has debuted after its art made a special appearance on the Coachella attire of Taylor Swift, Harris’ girlfriend. However, maybe Swift should be worried, because Calvin Harris and Rihanna’s new song shows once again that the pair make an incredibly good team.

Rihanna’s voice is the first you hear, building softly before the reasons that this song will be used in clubs kick in. The house beats can be attributed to Harris as they work to compliment a synthesized version of the famous Bajan singer,while she delivers the vocals. The “This is What You Came For” lyrics tell the story of a guy meeting one hell of a woman at the club, with lines like, “Lightning strikes every time she moves”  and “We say nothing more than we need/I say ‘your place’ when we leave.” While the song isn’t telling the deepest story, it definitely knows its audience.

While it may not reach the heights of Calvin Harris and Rihanna’s previous collaborations, “We Found Love” and “Where Have You Been,” this song is sure to be a hit. You can check out the “This is What You Came for” lyrics at