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Hey Britney Spears fans, we have some good news for all of you! We know you’ve all been desperately waiting for Britney Spears to release her latest album Glory, and now the wait is over! Now that the album is out, we cannot wait to listen to all the songs. Just so you know, there are seventeen songs in the album, and “Love Me Down” is one you just have to hear! If you have been searching for terms such as, “Love Me Down lyrics,” and “Love Me Down stream online,” then you have come to the right place!

“Love Me Down” is the tenth track from Britney Spears’ new ninth studio album. Now that you have discovered this new hit from Britney Spears’ new album Glory, it’s time that we get into the lyrics of “Love Me Down.” It certainly has a catchy tune, the “Love Me Down” lyrics are as follows:

“You say we don’t talk anymore but
I’m thinking we talk too much
Whenever we speak we fight so
Come talk to me with your touch
You’re playing with fire, and you like it
A little bit dangerous
Round and round we go ’til we fall like dominoes
Oh no

My baby gon’ love me down
Gon’ love me down, gon’ love me down, yeah
My baby gon’ love me down
Don’t make a sound, just love me down like
My baby gon’ love me down like
My baby gon’ love me down

Britney Spears new song Love Me Down” is available at Tidal and Spotify, so you can visit those websites to listen to “Love Me Down”. Also, if you are looking for the full “Love Me Down” lyrics, then you can do so at Genius. To get more information about Britney Spears new songs, make sure you click here.