Hannah Peters/ Staff/ Getty

Lorde may be celebrating the holidays on the beach, but her mind is still on music—just not her own. The singer took to Instagram to share her admiration for another musician, Jack Antonoff, the lead singer for the rock band Bleachers and the lead guitarist for the band Fun. (Others may know him better as the long-time boyfriend of Girls star Lena Dunham.)

Lorde posted a picture of herself wearing a Bleachers sweater, but it was the caption that really stood out: “on holiday at the beach wearing my @bleachersmusic sweater every night when it gets cold (basically just a big old jack antonoff cheerleader over here i document most of his movements and sayings in various visual, aural and written forms on my cell phone not unlike a doting dowager aunt) [sic].”


Although her amusing post may paint her as a love-struck groupie, it’s more than likely that Lorde is just a huge fan of Antonoff’s work. And you can’t really blame her—one of the popular songs he co-wrote for Fun, “We Are Young,” earned the Grammy Award for Song of the Year last year and was also nominated for Record of the Year and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.

Lorde’s fans also seemed to totally understand her love for Antonoff and the Bleachers. Over 92,000 followers have liked her Instagram post so far, and hundreds have left comments, although most were praising Lorde—everything from her shorter hair and necklace to the possibility of a new album soon. Either way, her fans seemed to appreciate the update.

On the other hand, Antonoff doesn’t seem to have caught wind of Lorde’s post yet, but with the right moves (and maybe some reference to her documented cell phone notes), Lorde may be able to snag herself a new collaboration with her idol.