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The wait is finally over! Britney Spears’ new album Glory was released across all digital music platforms much to the delight of all her fans. They have been waiting for the last three years for this. Her 2013 release, Britney Jean did not go down well with her fans and was a bit of a disappointment commercially, as well. So, Spears has not spared any effort to make her ninth studio album Glory appealing to her fans. One of songs that people are digging so far is, “Liar.” So, if you are Googling terms such as, ‘liar lyrics’, ‘liar stream online’ or ‘liar mp3,’ stop right now. We will tell you exactly where to listen to Britney Spears new song “Liar.”

It’s All Over

“Liar” is clearly about someone Britney loves lying to her. Based on the lyrics, it seems that Britney is trying to get a certain someone to be honest and truthful with her, but gets only lies in return, and she is left disappointed each time. However, it seems that now she has lost her patience and is giving the marching orders. Spears’ tone is accusatory and the lyrics are damning. She chews and spits out her tormentor.

Britney Grows Up

The new album avoids the club cliches that filled her previous album. Instead, there is more space in the new album and it has a pop feel to it with the occasional guitar riff. Her voice does not have the school girl feel that her ’90s music had. She is more evolved and is sounding much more mature. After all she is 34 years old now! So, get out there and buy the Britney Spears new album, Glory for yourself!

So, if you want to listen to Britney Spears’ new song “Liar”, just click on: