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Breaking news: Fifth Harmony member, Lauren Jauregui was arrested last night (December 13) at Dulles Airport in Virginia for alleged weed possession! Now, Lauren’s run in with the law is making headlines and it doesn’t look good for the 20-year-old singer. What happened to the Fifth harmony singer and how much trouble is she really in? You’ll have to keep reading to find out.

Planes and Mary Jane

Lauren Jauregui’s weed possession allegations have put a damper on Fifth Harmony’s image. We thought only Snoop Dogg had the patent on weed, but Jauregui has proven us wrong! The singer was ready to board a plane yesterday at Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia, when she was stopped at a TSA checkpoint and was ordered to submit to a secondary search, sources confirmed.

Jauregui and the other members of Fifth Harmony were headed to Brazil for their show tonight, when the “Worth It” singer was the only one of her girl group that got arrested. According to E! Online, a staffer found a bag of marijuana in her carry-on luggage! The local police were called and the singer was promptly arrested.

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Jauregui’s Instagram

If you look on her Instagram account, you will find not only Lauren Jauregui pics, but also a heart-felt note of appreciation to her fans.

The singer wrote: “Count your blessings and be GRATEFUL every morning you wake up..it changes your whole world when you focus on all the beautiful small blessings that comprise a happy soul.” 

She goes on to say, “I’m SO grateful for my family, my badass friends, my amazing team, the Girls, my beautiful fans, music, art, FOOD, water, an opportunity to help fix the world, I could go ON and ON because God has been so brilliant to me I have no idea why but I am blessed and feeling it hard today so I hope you can too!!”

There’s no word on Jauregui’s trial date, lawyer, or where she is being held at the moment, but we’re sure she’s considering the fact that she might actually need to “work from home” for a while, depending on what charges could be laid.