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Kylie Jenner, controversy’s favorite child is making headlines yet again, this time for allegedly getting breast implants! The KUWTK star was bombarded with questions on Twitter, with regards to her going under the knife for enhancements. For die-hard fans of the lipstick queen frantically Googling terms like, “ Kylie Jenner denies getting breast implant,” “Kylie Jenner breast implants,” “boob job,” and “Did Kylie Jenner get breast implants,” don’t worry; we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the latest gossip scandal to hit the Kardashian-Jenner clan!

Did Kylie Jenner Get Breast Implants?

The question on everyone’s minds is did she or didn’t she? Well, we’re happy to announce that she did not! So, let’s finally put all these false rumors floating around to bed and leave the poor girl alone!

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The ‘Twitterati’ went into an absolute frenzy when the breast implants rumors spread like wildfire. The word on the street was that the youngest Kardashian-Jenner had enhanced her figure, after her Snapchat posts showcased a much fuller chest than fans were used to seeing. The 19-year-old entrepreneur took to Twitter to clarify that she “never” got a boob job, and that it was simply hormones.

She responded to a fan’s request to reveal the secret to her curvier appearance, by explaining that “it’s that time of the month lol.”

Kylie further offered to let a fan feel her lady lumps if they didn’t believe she was telling the truth asking, “Do u want to feel them to validate?”

After disclosing that Aunt Flow had come to town, Kylie lamented that her breasts would “deflate soon,” and added, “it will be a sad sad day.”

Finally, it looked like Kylie had enough of the conversation, and wanted to put an end to the obviously awkward discussion regarding her chest. Her last tweet regarding the matter was, “Okay enough boob talk lmao.” Hope everyone’s happy now and the speculations will eventually die down!

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