Sorry ladies, but it looks like Kofi Siriboe has a new bae! The Queen Sugar and Girls Trip actor declared his love for Duckie Thot on Instagram and now fans want to know more about the girl who has stolen the handsome actor’s heart! So, who is Duckie Thot? We’ve got the scoop on Kofi Siriboe’s girlfriend, right here!

There’s a hot new couple in town! If you were wondering about Kofi Siriboe’s relationship status (and hoping he’s still single), we hate to break the news to you but the actor seems to have a new leading lady in his life!

Duckie Thot may have an unusual name, but there is nothing unusual about her beauty and talent. Known as a rising star in the modeling circles, the Australian-born Thot is all ready to conquer America!

Learn everything you need to know about this stunning beauty with details from Duckie Thot’s wiki.

She Has a Sudanese Heritage

Born on October 23, 1995, Duckie Thot’s age is 22. Raised in Melbourne, Australia, her family fled war-ravaged South Sudan a year before she was born.

Duckie Thot’s real name is Nyadak Thot. She finished third in 2013’s season of Australia’s Next Top Model but found it difficult to find modeling opportunities in her home country.

A few years ago, Thot moved to New York and signed with New York Elite Model Management. Since then, she’s walked for Kanye’s Yeezy brand, as well as Rihanna’s Fenty beauty and fashion lines.

In an interview with ES Magazine, Thot described Rihanna as a mentor and said, “She’s become a mentor to me, and is also a great confidante. She tells me not to take things personally because the business is just that: a business.”

Thot was recently featured in the Italian version of Vogue and continues her rise in the modeling world.

Fame Runs in the Family

Duckie Thot is not the only celebrity in her family. Her older sister, Nikki Perkins, is also a model and a YouTube star with her husband, Jamie Perkins. The couple have over a million subscribers on their YouTube channel!

In fact, it was Perkins who familiarized Thot with the world of fashion. She would even take a then-15-year-old Thot on shoots with her.

“She’d take me to shoots, and I’d sit in the corner, so curious,” Thot said.

Duckie Thot’s Instagram is filled with pictures of the model’s dreamy photoshoots. She is definitely a fashion designer’s dream!

Check out some of Duckie Thot’s hot pics, and you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about.


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Are Duckie Thot and Kofi Siriboe Dating?

After this picture appeared on Siriboe’s Instagram, everyone began to wonder whether Kofi Siriboe and Duckie Thot are dating or in a relationship.

Well, judging by his absolutely adorable International Women’s Day post dedicated to Thot, we are pretty sure the answer is yes!

The caption read, “My love, you blossom like the flowers do; you keep growing. I love watching you. You remind me of sunrise every morning—just a glance in your direction transmutes the darkest day to light. no man should be lucky enough to love you…”

This is not the first time Thot has been linked to Siriboe. We found this picture of the two of them on Duckie Thot’s Instagram, which was posted way back in October 2017! (Maybe these two were friends first or secretly dating under the radar!)

Duckie Thot has yet to comment on her relationship status with Kofi Siriboe. But we think a picture speaks a thousand words—and there’s no doubt the two of them look adorable together!