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Police are still investigating the disappearance of 15-year old Kayla Berg, even after she’s been missing for seven years. The video discovered by the police has been declared fake. Berg’s family is distraught but is still holding on to hope that she will be found.

If it’s a joke, then the people who made this video about Kalya Berg have a very sick sense of humor. If it’s real, then it is a very disturbing and cruel situation for a young girl like Berg to be in. We are talking about the Kalya Berg video, which has been discovered on YouTube. Though it was posted within two months of Berg’s disappearance, it’s only now that it has come to the attention of the police. The Antigo Police have examined the video and have called the Kayla Berg video fake. Kayla Berg was just 15 years-old when she disappeared from Wausau, Wisconsin, in 2009. Just check out the Kayla Berg wiki page on the Internet.

Gone, Girl

Berg disappeared in August 2009 without a clue. Her friend dropped Berg off at her boyfriend’s place in Wausau, Wisconsin, and she has not been seen since. If she is alive, she would be a 23-year-old young woman today. The police investigated the case but could not find Berg. She seems to have vanished into thin air, leaving behind a shattered family still desperate for answers. In the video posted two months after Berg’s disappearance, a girl is seen screaming and cowering in fear in a bathroom, while a man is seen entering it.

Mysterious Videos Surface

The video is titled “Hi, Walter! I got a new gf today! Hi, Walter! It’s me Patrick!” The video has gone viral in the past few days and people are watching it with morbid fascination. People who have watched it are asking, “Who is Walter?” and “Who is Patrick?” Some people have theorized that this Walter might be the Milwaukee serial killer, Walter Ellis who killed several women during his killing spree. Milwaukee is just three hours from Antigo. No one knows who Patrick is, yet. The man in the video is also seen on another video on YouTube acting out different scenes with a woman wearing a wig. The Antigo Police have come to the conclusion that this second video is an obvious acting attempt by the individuals in it. The intriguing thing is that this second video was posted on October 9, 2009.

The Last Glimpse of Berg

The friend who dropped Berg at her boyfriend’s place between 9:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. said that it looked like the house was empty, as all the lights were out. He says he never even saw her go inside. He also claims that he has nothing to do with Berg’s disappearance. The police spoke to him and have cleared him of any wrong-doing. Berg’s boyfriend also claims that he never saw her that night, nor has he seen her since. The police have taken this matter seriously and are continuing their investigation on the case. In fact, the FBI is offering $20,000 as a reward for anyone giving any clues which could lead to Kayla Berg being found.

It’s Not Over Yet

Berg’s family is distraught at her disappearance. Her mother has made an appeal on her Facebook page pleading for answers. Initially, police thought that Berg might have run away, but later abandoned this angle because they found out that Berg was a happy young teenager and not depressed about living with her family. She was interested in gymnastics and had a dream of representing her high school gymnastics team. However, all this came to end on August 11, 2009 when she went missing. Both the police and the community in Antigo are working hard to find Berg, even though it’s been seven years since she has disappeared. You can help too. If you have any information regarding Berg which might help find her, then please call the Antigo Police Department at 715-627-6411. Remember every second counts. Berg must be found and reunited with her grieving family.

You can watch the disturbing Kayla Berg video by clicking below.