Justin Gatilin’s Rio 2016 appearance may come as a shock for some of you due to the previous Justin Gatilin doping charges. But it seems the sprinter will continue to race this year regardless of his past. If you’ve wondered how hold is Justin Gatlin? Justin Gatilin’s age is 34 and so far, he has quite the history behind him. He has already been caught twice using illegal substances, even though they were not intended to enhance his performance but rather to treat his attention deficit disorder. In light of the controversy and the upcoming Olympic races, we have compiled a Justin Gatilin Wiki to inform you on some facts about the Olympian, including Justin Gaitlin’s college, Justin Gaitilin’s wife, and facts about the Justin Gatilin vs. Usain Bolt feud.

Justin Gatilin’s Early Years and College Life

Justin Gatilin’s hometown is Woodham, Florida but he was actually born in Brooklyn, New York. He completed high school at Woodham Highschool in Florida and attended the University of Tennessee for two years.

During his time at the University of Tennessee, Justin won six NCAA titles and eventually became a pro sprinter. He went on to win both gold and bronze medals at the 2004 Olympics individually and a silver medal in the team relay. He continued to win gold medals in national championships but that came crashing down with a four-year ban, when he tested positive for steroids. Aside from his doping scandal, and having to deal with the 4-year ban, Gatilin’s net worth is still estimated at a cool $1.0 million!

Justin Gatilin Doping Scandal and Track and Field Ban

In 2006, Gatilin was banned from competing in any track and field event for four years, as he tested positive for illegal drugs. The first time Gatilin was caught for doping, it was determined that the drugs were to treat his ADD and were not performance enhancers. For the second time – which led to the four-year ban – he was found to have excessive testosterone in his system.

With the current controversy in Rio about members of the Russian team being banned for doping, it seems as if Gatilin’s past is coming back to haunt him. In fact, other athletes are even coming out to comment on Gatilin’s history.

U.S.A. swimmer, Lilly King was quick to send out her remarks on how she felt about athletes performing in Rio, even with past doping charges. She was interviewed saying, “I have to respect (the track authorities’) decision, even if it is something I don’t necessarily agree with. No, do I think people who have been caught doping should be on the team? They shouldn’t. It is unfortunate we have to see that. It is just something that needs to be set in stone that this is what we are going to do. Let’s settle this and be done with it. There should not be any bouncing back and forwards.”

On the other hand, some athletes are coming to Gatilin’s defense, such as golfer Bubba Watson. In an interview with time Magazine Watson said, “Who cares about the past? I mean, we’ve all had issues. People write negative things about me that aren’t true.”

And what exactly does Gatilin say on the matter? He told the Associated Press, “At the end of the day, the time has been served. I’ve served that time. I’ve dealt with that punishment. I’ve moved forward.”

The Justin Gatilin vs. Usain Bolt Feud 

When it comes to sprinting, Gatilin and Bolt are the most common names to get thrown around. Gatilin won the gold back in 2004 where Bolt grabbed six gold medals for sprinting in the 2008 and 2012 Olympics. Needless to say, these two guys are fast!

On average, gold medal Olympic sprinters have been young in age – 23 years old – but Bolt and Gatilin are both in their 30’s, which just goes to show that age doesn’t slow you down!

Although the media may like to portray that Gatilin and Usain are against each other, their actually isn’t a feud at all. In fact, the two can be seen partying together, teasing each other, and actually push each other to be better. Although they are side by side on the field, there is a strong desire to hang off the track, as well. They like to chill out and relax and are actually quite cordial. If you don’t believe us, check out this Instagram post!

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We will have to wait and see what happens this time around when the two go head to head on Saturday August 13, for the men’s 100m sprint! Who will you be cheering for?

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