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There’s an all-new episode of The Voice tonight and so far country singer, Josh Gallagher, The Voice contestant known for his beard, cap, and soul is in the top 12 on the hit NBC show! In order to learn more, fans on the Internet have been searching for terms such as “Josh Gallagher family,” “Josh Gallagher girlfriend,” and “Josh Gallagher net worth.” Here’s what you need to know from Josh Gallagher’s wiki.

Early Life

Josh Gallagher’s native place is Cresson, Pennsylvania (Cambria County) and Josh Gallagher’s age is 25 years old. There isn’t any information on Josh Gallagher’s parents. He also moved to Music City in Nashville, Tennessee two years ago to pursue a country music career—a decision that wasn’t hard for him to make.

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According to Gallagher’s biography on The Voice, he is a former Penn State Greater Allegheny campus baseball recruit, who made the choice to leave school (and possibly a promising career as an athlete) to pursue music in Nashville.

Team Shelton

The guitar playing Cresson native has battled his way this far and is proud to be on Team Blake. Originally, Gallagher picked country star, Blake Shelton over R&B and hip-hop star, Alicia Keys. It was a wise choice, since Shelton has won four seasons of The Voice and is always passionate about his contestants. But it was soon time for Gallagher to switch teams (musically that is) when he was recruited by Adam Levine, after Shelton eliminated him and chose to go with another country singer, Sundance Head. What’s Shelton’s loss is certainly Levine’s gain!

The steal was expected, especially after Levine’s glowing remarks after the showdown.

“You’ve just gotten better and better and better,” he told Gallagher. “A guy like you could go so far on this show and beyond. I think the sky’s the limit for you.”

Josh Gallagher Songs

Josh Gallagher’s songs, such as “Stay a Little Longer” by Brothers Osborne, was what got the judges’ attention in the first place, making Keys and Shelton compete for him. Though things didn’t go as Gallagher would have liked, he still ended up with a good mentor. We can only hope that Levine won’t toss him aside like Shelton did!

His website shows he’s a regular on Monday nights at the Tin Roof on Broadway, and he also plays other “honkytonks.” So far, he’s released two songs on iTunes.

“I’m a blue jean wearing kind of guy every day,” Gallagher said after both Keys and Shelton made their pitch to keep him on their respective teams. Gallagher’s version of “Stay a Little Longer” was bouncier and more vibrant than the original from Brothers Osborne’s Pawn Shop album. He only had time for a verse and chorus during the audition episode. Imagine what he could have done if he had more time!