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Hope Solo and Jerramy Stevens are one eye-catching sports couple! They are great on the field but quite controversial off of it. With Hope Solo announcing her bid to run for U.S. Soccer President, the attention is falling on her other half. Find out about Hope Solo’s husband in our Jerramy Stevens wiki right here.

#1 He Played in the NFL

Stevens was born in Idaho and was raised in Washington by his parents, Bob and Fran. His mother worked as a police officer and school administrator and his father was a teacher and high school sports coach. Bob passed away in 2012 after a battle with cancer.

In high school, Stevens was a letterman in football, basketball, and track, but football was his calling. As a quarterback, he passed for 5,000 yards during his high school career, including throwing for 2,000 yards as a junior. He played for the University of Washington as tight-end. During the 1999 season, he made 21 receptions for 265 yards and four touchdowns.

He was a first-round pick by the Seattle Seahawks in the 2002 NFL draft. But his time with the Seahawks was not without its ups and downs. He signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2007 but was suspended several times for improprieties off the gridiron. Ultimately, he was waived off in 2010, ending his NFL career.

The latest estimates put his net worth at $2.5 million, just a tad short of Hope Solo’s reported $3.0 million.

#2 His Draft Was Controversial

Stevens got on the bad side of the law when he was in high school. Along with another student, he was accused of beating a schoolmate with a baseball bat and stomping on his face in 1998. The victim suffered a broken jaw and had to eat with straw for months.

Stevens initially denied the accusations to the authorities but later admitted to being involved in the fight. He was charged with felony assault and sentenced to home detention while awaiting trial. During his detention, he was tested positive for cannabis and had to serve three weeks in jail.

Despite his crime, his scholarship to Washington was still valid and the court allowed him to participate in the training camp. Thanks to a plea deal, he was convicted of misdemeanor assault and received credit for time served.

When he was drafted by the Seahawks, it brought the ire of football fans owing to his criminal history. However, Coach Mike Holmgren attested that they had considered all factors when drafting Stevens and even discussed it with Stevens’ parents and coaches.

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#3 More Trouble Followed

The 38-year-old ran into trouble with the law again, on multiple occasions. After his high school assault case, he was charged and arrested for rape in 2000. He allegedly sexually assaulted a 19-year-old who was also a student at UW. The UW athletic director looked into the charges but despite heavy evidence against Stevens, procedural discrepancies led to a case not being filed.

In 2011, he was arrested for getting into a bar brawl and while playing with the Seahawks, he was also convicted for drunk driving. During his time with Tampa Bay, he was suspended from the team for violating their substance abuse policy. Ultimately, he was arrested for marijuana possession and the team waived him off for good.

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#4 A Rocky Start

Stevens and Solo attended UW together and Solo even played for the Washington Huskies soccer team. But they didn’t actually date until much later when Solo returned triumphant from the 2012 Olympics.

After two months of dating, Stevens and Solo got married in November 2012. But their marriage didn’t exactly start out on the right foot. Among his lengthy history of legal troubles, he was also arrested for the alleged assault of his then-fiancee, Hope Solo. But the case was dropped because of a lack of evidence.

The day after he was arrested for suspicion of assaulting his fiancee, the former NFLer and the USWNT goalkeeper officially tied the knot. According to reports, they were arguing over whether to marry in Washington or Florida, which allegedly escalated into a physical altercation.

There’s never a boring day with this couple! When Solo’s 2014 domestic assault case was reopened, Stevens strongly defended his wife and called the controversy a “witch hunt” against her. It seems the two have definitely patched things up since then and they look to be on the right path together. Now that she’s running for U.S. Soccer President, we’re pretty sure Stevens has her back!