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In the latest news, people are wondering about the celebrated actor, director, and comedian, Henry Winkler’s sexuality. Fans of ‘The Fonz’ have been eagerly Googling terms like, “Is Henry Winkler gay?”, “Henry Winkler bio,” and “Henry Winkler family,” so don’t go anywhere else; we’ll tell you all the juicy details of whether or not Henry Winkler is coming out of the closet.

Is Henry Winkler Gay?

In recent news, there are speculations about Winkler finally coming out of the closet as a gay man. It came as a surprise to many that the celebrated actor might be homosexual, since there has never been any indication of him being gay. Since it is 2016, there would be no reason for Winkler to keep his sexual orientation hidden from his fans, since so many celebrities come out on a regular basis. The allegations that Winkler is gay, are unproven and completely unfounded. In an interview a few years ago, actor William Shatner jokingly stated that he and Henry Winkler “have a complicated gay relationship.”

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The 70-year-old star is a household name, best known for his role as Arthur Fonzarelli in the American sitcom Happy Days, that aired in the 1970s. He also starred in popular TV shows like, Children’s Hospital and Royal Pains. Winkler was  a part of several Hollywood movies such as, Click (2006), You Don’t Mess with the Zohan (2008), Down to You (2000), and I Could Never Be Your Woman (2007). He has guest-starred in TV shows like Parks and Recreation, Arrested Development, South Park, The Practice, Numb3ers, The Simpsons, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Family Guy. The talented comic is also an author and has written 17 fictional books about a 4th-grade dyslexic boy named Hank Zipzer.

Personal Life

Winkler has been married to his wife, Stacey Winkler for 38 years, since May 5, 1978. The happy couple has two children together, Zoe Emily (36) who is a pre-school teacher, and Max Daniel (33) who is a director. Winkler is also a father to stepson, Jed, Stacey’s son from her previous marriage to entertainment lawyer, Howard Weitzman.