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Nobody saw this coming—especially not Bill Cosby himself. The question on everybody’s lips is “Is Bill Cosby blind?” Bill Cosby, blind or not, is once again under the glare of the media. As news of his reported “blindness” spreads like a forest fire in Hollywood, everybody is asking “How did Bill Cosby lose his eyesight?” Why is his lawyer Monique Pressley claiming in court that Bill Cosby can’t see anymore? Unfortunately for Bill Cosby, Keratoconus got him, even if the long arm of the law hasn’t.

What Is Keratoconus?

For most people, keratoconus is a term they have never heard before. So, if you want to know more about this disease, rest assured because you have come to the right place. Keratoconus is an eye disease in which the cornea starts thinning causing the eye to bulge. It causes vision problems like ghosting, blurring, glaring, starbursts, and multiple images. Keratoconus is commonly referred to as KC. KC is a non-inflammatory eye condition where the cornea, normally dome shaped, starts to thin progressively. This causes it to bulge, and the patient starts to lose vision. This is what has affected comedian Bill Cosby. KC strikes one in every 2,000 people and is more commonly spread than most people believe. Though it usually strikes older people, it has been found in young people as well. It is not clear when this disease first afflicted Cosby.

 No Sympathy for the Devil

Cosby might not get much sympathy from the public this time. Much loved in his heyday as a comedian when his popular TV program, The Cosby Show, was watched by millions of people, today Cosby is a hated man. He is facing rape charges since several women have filed legal complaints against him. Though Cosby has denied most charges, the matter is still in court. This is where the media was witness to his eye condition as Cosby hobbled into court using a cane. Photographs taken clearly show that his right eye has degenerated due to KC, and even his left eye is bulging. Cosby can be best described as bug-eyed as he faces up to his accusers in court.

No Way Out

His eye condition is unlikely to save him as the charges are about his behavior from back in the ’80s to present. In recent months, Cosby has appeared in public wearing sunglasses to presumably hide his eye condition. He is supported by his family, especially his wife Camille, who accompanies him everywhere. According to his lawyer, his family is very alarmed about his eye condition. Cosby himself doesn’t want to make a fuss about this, but his family is actively searching for possible cures. Cosby’s best chance could be a healthy cornea transplant. Fans are worried about his future as 78-year-old Cosby battles his medical and legal problems.