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We’ve all fantasized about getting to spend some quality time with a sexy celebrity sugar daddy—imagine cozying up to Johnny Depp, George Clooney, or Gerard Butler all night. One young woman in Melbourne, Caitie Noble, always dreamed of sleeping next to her celebrity crush, Ryan Gosling, and she’s found a way to turn that dream into reality.

Noble designed a life-size body pillow with Gosling’s image on it, after discovering that nothing like it currently existed on the market. The pillow, or “cuddle buddy,” as she calls it, is about 60 inches tall and almost 18 inches wide. Noble is currently selling her celebrity pillow for $73 on popular retail site and you even have the option of getting a full-length shot of the actor, or a more close-up shot of him from the waist up, not to mention a single or double-sided pillow.

Noble also offers other celebrity-adorned pillows, like James Dean and the members of One Direction. So, while 33-year-old Gosling may not be on your list of desirable celebrity sugar daddies, the possibilities really are endless. And it’s definitely an intriguing idea. It would be nice waking up to a handsome, famous sugar daddy every morning, but until then, a life-size pillow might just do the trick.

What do you think: If you could have any celebrity sugar daddy on a life-size pillow, who would it be?


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